Overview of TriForce: Progress, Projects, and Plans

Adam Sefkow

Friday, November 20, 2020
1:30 p.m.

We report on development progress of our particle-based hybrid fluid-kinetic multiphysics framework named TriForce. The code recovers results from both radiation-magnetohydrodynamic and fully kinetic codes, and is being designed to operate in between where both descriptions may co-exist and interact. The hybrid method enables capabilities beyond either of the individual modeling methods alone, and is being used to investigate a range of topics in fields such as inertial confinement fusion, magneto-inertial fusion, magnetic confinement fusion, high-energy-density physics, and high-intensity lasers. The goal of the TriForce Center for Multiphysics Modeling is to provide better predictive capability and access to advanced models for the benefit of the academic community. The current status of the project and its applications will be surveyed.