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Student awards for 2020


The mission of the Edmund A. Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is to advance the highest quality education and research in engineering and applied science through engaging experiences and environments that promote critical thinking, creativity, ethics and leadership.

These students epitomize those qualities. Please join us in congratulating them!

Hajim School Awards

The Charles L. Newton Prize is awarded to students who show special proficiency in some subject connected with engineering, and who have conducted research, given presentations, or published a paper.

  • Logan Bashford, mechanical engineering
  • George Klimiashvili, electrical and computer engineering
  • Aime Laurent Twizerimana, chemical engineering

The winners of the Donald M. Barnard Prize have all been accepted into graduate programs at the University of Rochester. They show high achievement and good personal qualities.

  • Arjun Ashok, biomedical engineering
  • Noah Chartier, mechanical engineering
  • Jake Gilman, biomedical engineering
  • Maxwell Kearns, chemical engineering
  • Jacob Melchi, audio and music engineering.
  • Charles Patterson, biomedical engineering
  • Hao Yin, mechanical engineering
  • Jiacheng Zhao, optical engineering

The Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award recognizes a hard-working undergraduate with an interest in metallurgy.

  • Bianca Dyer, chemical engineering

The G. Harold Hook Prize is awarded to students who have demonstrated an above average interest in engineering, and who have conducted research, given a presentation or published a paper.

  • Elana Antoine, optical engineering
  • Tresa Elias, biomedical engineering

The Robert L. Wells Prize is awarded to senior engineering students for demonstrated competence in both engineering and the humanities.

  • Nathan Nickerson, mechanical engineering, with a minor in art history
  • Jarrod Young, computer science and Spanish
  • Melissa Wen, computer science and brain and cognitive sciences, with a minor in studio arts

The Tau Beta Pi Prize is awarded to a senior who, through academic achievement, proven leadership, and character has excelled and inspired fellow students.

  • Kathleen Desmond, mechanical engineering
  • Kate Korslund, mechanical engineering

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges are inspired by 14 broad problems facing society in sustainability, health, security, and knowledge. Hajim School Grand Challenges Scholars design a personalized program that explores a selected Grand Challenge. These graduating seniors, who have successfully completed the program, share their experiences in these profiles, which show not only how motivated these students have been, but the wealth of opportunities the University has provided them in tackling their Grand Challenge.

Department Awards

Biomedical Engineering

BME Faculty Award for Teaching Assistant

  • Robert J. Breidenstein
  • Edward Chen

BME Faculty Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

  • Tresa Marian Elias

BME Faculty Award for Undergraduate Service

  • Ananya Goyal

BME Outstanding Senior

  • Gabriel Herbert Sarch

Chemical Engineering

Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Excellence Award, to the junior(s) who compiled the highest scholastic average in the first two years of study. 

  • Paul Irving
  • Baris Ugur
  • Claire Wilson

Albert K. Ackoff Award to top third year student(s) based on grades earned through Fall semester of the junior year.

  • Baris Ugur
  • Claire Wilson

Shelby A. Miller Prize to seniors who submitted the best process design project.

  • Daniel Krajovic
  • Allison Forness
  • Sara Apanavicius
  • Riley Flower
  • Zach Oliver
  • Tayfun Sahin

American Chemical Society (ACS) Chemistry Achievement Award, to the senior with an outstanding academic record who has also done excellent work on a research project or independent study dealing directly with applied chemistry.

  • Zach Oliver

Computer Science

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

  • Max Kimmelman

Excellence in Undergraduate Research

  • Samuel Triest
  • Christopher Kjellqvist
  • Jianyuan Zhong
  • Minh Tran
  • Qiuyue Sun

Women in Computing Leadership Award

  • Ruki PV (Sarmishtha Prathivadhi-Bhayankaram)

Most Valuable Programmer

  • Sifan Ye

Outstanding Senior

  • Shagun Bose
  • Gabrielle Stillman
  • Ruki PV (Sarmishtha Prathivadhi-Bhayankaram)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Faculty Prizes:

  • Anthony Pericolo (electrical and computer engineering)
  • Molly Robins (audio and music engineering)

Mechanical Engineering

ME Department Award for Outstanding Senior recognizes the graduating ME senior with outstanding aptitude and ability in all aspects of engineering. 

  • Kathleen Desmond
  • Hao Yin
  • Diwas Gautam

Helmut Weymann Prize named for the late Prof. Weymann recognizes a graduating ME senior who shows the skill and ingenuity in the experimental aspects of engineering sciences exemplified by the award's namesake.

  • Sultan Sabha
  • Noah Meyers

Emil L. Kuichling Prize for outstanding juniors based on grades in ME 120, ME 121, ME 225, and ME 226.

  • Nils Kingston
  • Jaafar Al Hadab
  • Daniel Troyetsky

ME Department Teaching Assistant Award recognizes a senior for outstanding contributions as a teaching assistant during their undergraduate career. This student exemplifies effective teaching, going above and beyond the normal duties required of a teaching assistant. 

  • Spencer Ressel
  • David Reynoso

ME Department Teaching Service Award recognizes an ME undergrad whose assistance in the teaching mission of the department has been invaluable, as evidenced by substantial contribution to the development of new teaching tools such as lab experiments, software, problems, or similar projects. 

  • Charlie Patterson

ME Department Service Award recognizes a student who has made consistent contributions to the department, through both informal and formal opportunities. Examples include serving as a teaching assistant, peer adviser, tutor, etc. 

  • Liana Frangioni

ASME Prize recognizes a student who has made outstanding contributions to AMSE. 

  • Louisa Anderson

Institute of Optics

Optics Faculty Prize, to seniors who best exemplify the ideals of character, scholarship, and service.

  • Michael Taylor
  • Erin Sumfleth

Kevin Thompson Award, to students who demonstrate a keen interest in optical design and/or metrology.

  • Doran Teverovsky
  • Jocelyn Smith

Britton Award, to a first year student who has excelled academically and, through his or her actions, demonstrates a keen interest in optics.

  • Nicholas Achuthan

Fujimara Prize, to sophomores who represent The Institute’s values of academic excellence, research, and campus citizenship.

  • George Funkenbusch
  • Yaocheng Tian

Sommargren Research Award, to a deserving undergraduate studying the field of optics.

  • Evan James