Hajim School News 2015


Hajim students ready to test the market for their virtual reality suit. Read more ...

Computer Science students help Rochester seventh-graders engage in Hour of Code. Read more ...

AME 196:The making of a showcase. Students learn how to use ChucK programming language and an array of Wiimotes, MIDI
controllers and other devices to manipulate sound in create ways. Read more ...

2015 was another exceptional year for the Hajim School. Click here to read Dean Rob Clark's state of the school message.


AME191: Grammy winner teaches audio engineering the way it really is. Read more ...

Engineers Without Borders get expert advice from Rochester Water Bureau as they prepare for next phase of project in Dominican Republic. Read more ...

Professor Jiebo Luo and colleagues use data mining to extract drinking habits of teens from Instagram. Read more ...

"What if relating to computers were more like the way we communicate with other people?" A look at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Read more ...


Hands-on research for ChemE undergrads: An enduring legacy from Professor Richard Eisenberg. Read more ...

Hajim School Dean Robert Clark named University's 10th provost. Read more ...

David Williams, the William G. Allyn Professor of Medical Optics, receives the prestigious William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement. Read more ...

Hani Awad/Danielle Benoit grant: Nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery may prevent adhesions in injured hand tendons. Read more ...

Emeritus Professor James Li of Mechanical Engineering is awarded Gold Medal by ASM International. Read more ...


Department of Biomedical Engineering aims high as it celebrates 15th anniversary. Read more.

Contact printing with shape-memory polymers: Less expensive, more efficient. Read more.

Three computer science faculty members receive new early career awards. Read more ...

Recent funding awards show range of Hajim School research. Read more.

Hajim student pilots ROV aboard Ballard's Nautilus. Read more.

Lasers levitate nanodiamonds in a vacuum. Read more.


Medical device students become part of the surgical team to learn about medical needs firsthand from physicians and other clinicians. Read more about the CMTI master's program here,

Vision expert David Williams receives major award. Read more here.

Xerox Engineering Research Fellows "put young minds to work." Read more here.


The Hajim School will play an important role in the $600 million AIM Photonics initiative. Read more here.

Professor Govind Agrawal and one of his former postdocs tackle challenges of using multicore and multimode optical fibers to solve the growing demands being placed on our fiber-based communications systems. Read more here.

Optics students gain research experience in St. Petersburg, Russia. Read more here.

Professor James Allen will lead collaborative, $7.8 million DARPA grant to enable computers to communicate more like humans. Read more here.

Professor Jong-Hoon Nam receives NIH grant of up to $1.8 million to study organ of Corti in the inner ear. Read more here.


Check out this year's Senior Design Projects. Read more here.


Hajiim Commencement: 'Keep pushing yourselves,' grads are urged. Read more here.

A team of researchers at the University of Rochester is designing an optical system to image responses to light of large numbers of individual cells in the retina, to accelerate the next generation of cures for blindness. The Rochester team and their partners will receive $3.8 million from the National Eye Institute over the next five years. Read more here.


Professor Danielle Benoit's lab in BME uses nanoparticles to apply drugs to dental plaque. Read more here.

Optics Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang, grad student generate broadband terahertz radiation from a microplasma in air. Read more here.

Hajim School students benefit from intersection of music and engineering. Read more here.

Human-Computer Interaction Group develps intelligent user interface for “smart glasses” Read more here.


Fabrication class gives students the basic tools. Read more here.

UR Makers: Students building things for the fun of it. Read more here.

Engineers Without Borders chapter extends a helping hand to school in Dominican Republic. Read more here.

Henry Kautz installed as Wentworth Director of Institute for Data Science. Read more here.


Professor Jiebo Luo presents two papers:

  • Turning smart phones into personal mental health monitoring devices. Read more here.
  • Training computers to accurately analyze emotions elicited by online images. Read more here.

Professor Danielle Benoit receives prestigious NSF faculty early career  development award. Read more here.

Hajim School offers scholarships to encourage study abroad. Read more here.

Professor Mitchell Anthamatten’s lab produces self-stretching material. Read more here.


Professor Chunlei Guo uses lasers to transform metals into extremely water repellent materials. Read more here.

AME Sound design: “One of the coolest things I have ever learned about.” Read more here.

ChemE celebrates 100th with snapshots from its history. Read more here.

Hani Awad and James McGrath inducted as fellows of AIMBE. Read more here.