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December 2018

PIctures of Cetin, Dwarkadas, Heinzelman andLuo

Hajim School faculty members elevated to fellows of ACM, IEEE. Read more here.

Jim Zavislan is honored by National Academy of Inventors for a range of devices that protect the integrity of the ballot, preserve great works of art, and guide surgeons. Read more here.

November 2018

Art of Science graphic

University faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to start thinking now about their entries for the Hajim School’s annual Art of Science Competition, which celebrates the interconnected nature of science and art. Read more...

real reader

Real Readers provide "real world" feedback as Hajim students prepare for internships and jobs. Read more here.

Prof. Ehsan Hoque of computer science receives prestigious ECASE award to explore benefits and risks of lie-detecting apps. Read more here.

Prof. Robert Boyd of the Institute of Optics is named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Read more here.

October 2018


Optics alumna Donna Strickland and former faculty member Gerard Mourou win the Nobel Prize in Physics. Read more here.

"Push yourself to accumulate as much knowledge as possible,” Optikos president and CEO Stephen Fantone '79 (PhD Optics) advises students. Read more here.

Collaborative 'back and forth' fuels progress on freeform optics. Read more here.

September 2018


John Lambropoulos's "animated personality completely takes over the room and leaves me wishing to do nothing more than watch my professor teach a subject he has been teaching for years,” one student says. No wonder the professor and chair of mechanical engineering is a recipient of this year's Goergen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Read more here.

Michael Scott, the Arthur Gould Yates Professor of Engineering in the Department of Computer Science, "exemplifies the best traditions and highest achievements of academia." He is this year's recipient of the Hajim School Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more here.

Researchers discover the intimate connection between particle-wave duality and another equally weird feature of quantum mechanics, namely entanglement. Read more here.

August 2018


The Hajim School welcomes 9 new faculty members. Meet them on page 10 of the Hajim newsletter.

New books by Optics faculty members Julie Bentley and Jennifer Kruschwitz shed light on lens design and colorimetry. Read more here.

Mechanical engineering faculty members are at the cutting edge of research in high energy density physics Read more here.


July 2018


Century-old optical device comes out of a closet and into the classroom, thanks to a creative collaboration between student and faculty member. Read more here.

Researchers use the powerful OMEGA laser at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics to create metallic hydrogen -- and gain insights into how planets form magnetic shields. Read more here.

Prof. Chunlei Guo's lab devises a much simpler way to measure beams of light—even powerful, superfast pulsed laser beams. Traditional interferometers may become obsolete. Read more here.

June 2018


They're back for a second year: Hajim students are part of an archaeological field school studying historic forts along the Coast of Ghana. Read more here.

Emil Wolf, the Wilson Professor of Optical Physics and one of the most recognized optical scientists of his generation, dies at age 95. Read more here.

Optics alumnus is awarded 10 millionth US patent. Read more here.

May 2018


Which of these people is lying? Ehsan Hoque's research group uses data science and an online crowdsourcing framework to further our understanding of deception based on facial and verbal cues. Read more here.

A salute in photos to the Class of 2018.

New paper by Jannick Rolland's lab removes the "guesswork" from designing with freeform optics. Read more here.

A professor who puts students first: Wyatt Tenhaeff of chemical engineering is recipient of the G. Graydon Curtis ’58 and Jane W. Curtis Award for Nontenured Faculty Teaching Excellence. Read more here.

The Hajim School Art in Science competition receives a record number of submissions. Click here to see the winning entries.

April 2018

Chem-E-Car team members jump for joy

The Chem-E-Car team shows a big improvement in just its second regional competition. Read more . . .

March 2018

ads for clusters

New, revised Hajim School clusters are more accessible to non-STEM majors. Read more . . .

Hajim School students benefit from the "real-world savvy" and a passion for teaching exhibited by a growing cadre of instructional-track faculty members. Read more on page 8 of the Hajim newsletter.

Interdisciplinary majors in geomechanics, engineering science, and interdepartmental engineering give students the flexibility to do engineering in a nontraditional way. Read more on page 6 of the Hajim newsletter.

February 2018

 Students simulate chemical reactions using augmented reality

Augmented reality enables students to simulate reactions that would occur in a chemical plant. Read more.

From the lab of Prof. Edmund Lalor in biomedical engineering: Brain signal indicates when you understand what you've been told. Read more.

Using concerts halls as labs, ECE professors collaborate with Eastman School researcher on creating a 'visceral' sound for virtual reality. Read more.

January 2018


From the Vamivakas lab: Device creates negative mass -- and a novel way to generate lasers. Read more.

Optics professors help cast light on a hidden problem in domestic violence cases. Read more.

 Ivan Suminski plays violin in a mechanical engineering lab while Prof. Chris Muir records the sounds for later analysis.

On stage, and in the lab, Ivan Suminski is completing a challenging dual major. Read more.

Setback helped geomechanics major Juliana Conley focus on what matters most. Read more.

December 2017

helen yang

Helen Yang '18 of Biomedical Engineering was among the students who participated in a Toys for All Tots workshop, learning to adapt battery-operated toys so they can be used by special needs children at Golisan Hospital. Read more here.

Engineering students recognized for excelling in the humanities as well. Read more here.

Eight students join NAE Grand Challenges Scholar Program. Read more here.

Prof. Hussein Aluie awarded 90 million additional hours of computer time to aid the quest for inertial confinement fusion. Read more here.


Scientist’s accidental exhale leads to improved DNA detector. Read more here.

Prof. Wayne Knox is elected a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. Read more here.

November 2017


During a wide-ranging 'fireside chat,' Mattel CEO Margo Georgiadis and Hajim Dean Wendi Heinzelman discuss the staggering underrepresentation of females and minorities in computer-driven technologies, and how both the toymaker and university are using emerging technologies to interest young people in science and engineering. Read more here.

Prof. Tenhaeff shares 'Oscar of Invention' for safer battery for electric vehicles. Read more here.

October 2017


Ehsan Hoque of computer science, chosen for this year's Science News "10 to Watch List," is a study in resiliency. Read more  . . .

September 2017


Prof. Sheryl Gracewski of mechanical engineering is the recipient of the 2017 Hajim School Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more . . .

Lab of Prof. Mark Bocko is creating flat panel loudspeakers that double as wall art and light panels to create a 'totally immersive sonic space' at a modest price. Read more . . .

August 2017


A new award for Hajim students who tackle grand challenges. Read more here.

Adam Sefkow receives two awards for research in fusion, high energy density physics. Read more here.

An appreciation: David Quesnel, 1952-2017. Read more here.

July 2017

IA collage

Industrial Associates opens doors for optics students. Read more here.

June 2017

ghana field school

Students blog about their experiences in a summer field school in Ghana, studying historic coastal forts. Read more here.

May 2017

lam yip

Hajim School celebrates the Class of 2017 at diploma ceremony. Read more here.

Jannick Rolland is recipient of Edmund A. Hajim Outstanding Faculty Award. Read more here.

Cindy Gary is recipient of Edmund A. Hajim Outstanding Staff Award. Read more here.

Human-computer interaction class creates apps, programs to improve lives. Read more here.


Design Day showcases more than 80 capstone projects by Hajim School seniors and by master's students in the Center for Technology and Innovation device design program. Read more here.

Art of Science Competition conveys the beauty in engineering. Read more here.

Cindy Fitzgerald of chemical engineering is this year's recipient of the Dottie Welch Award for supporting undergraduate students. Read more here.

April 2017


Baja SAE team unveils the off-road vehicle they'll drive into competitions in California and Kansas later this spring. Read more here.

Engineers Without Borders student chapter builds clean water system for school in Dominican Republic. Read more here.

PhD student Kilean Lucas will represent Rochester at international Falling Walls competition. Read more here.

Chem-E-Car teams shows its spirit at regional competition. Read more here.

Danielle Benoit is Rochester's 'Young Engineer of the Year.' Read more here.

March 2017



Read about Hajim School faculty using data science in their research:
     1. Thomas Howard, Jiebo Luo, and Ehsan Hoque use machine learning to advance human-computer interaction. Read more . . .
     2. Mark Bocko and Zhiyao Duan use computers to automatically identify a genre or singer, extract the emotional content of a song, and offer tools to improve musical performance and notation. Read more . . .
     3. Gaurav Sharma analyzes data from skin sensors to personalize the treatment of patients with Parkinson's and Huntington's disease. Read more . . .

BRAID initiative, open enrollment help draw underrepresented women students to computer science. Read more . . .

Chunlei Guo and his team develop a technique to visualize, for the first time, the complete evolution of micro- and nanoscale structural formation on a material’s surface during and after a laser pulse. Read more . . .

Ghana field school will give students a chance to study historic Elmina Castle. Read more . . .

"It was hard to say goodbye." Two Hajim students help Honduran village during winter break. Read more . . .

Hajim student helps others think critically through debate. Read more  . . .

February 2017


Omar Soufan ’17 and Ibrahim Mohammad ’17 are creating 3D-printed prosthetic upper limbs for Syrian refugees at a health clinic they established in Lebanon. Read more . . .

Prof. Jiebo Luo and PhD student Yu Wang tracked candidates' Twitter followers to help explain why Trump won. Read more  . . .

Scholarship student Anis Kallel '17 of Tunisia is enjoying the University of Rochester from all angles. Read more . . . 

Prof. Albert Simon, leading thermonuclear and plasma physics theoretician, remembered as strong mentor. Read more . . .

Podcast features Hajim lecturer and Grammy winner Steve Roessner and student talking about the awards and changes in audio technology.

REU students will use computational tools to better understand music and the mind. Read more . . .

January 2017


Students rave about industry road trip to Silicon Valley to explore career opportunities. Read more . . .

BAM! New 'needle pulse' beam pattern devised by Profs. Parker and Alonso packs a punch. Read more . . .

Prof. Hussein Aluie awarded 47 million processing hours to run simulation on supercomputer at Argonne. Read more . . .

December 2016

wells award collage

Wells Award recognizes engineering and computer science students who have also excelled in the humanities. Read more . . .

Prof. Chris Muir's engineering project poses iconic puzzle for students. Read more . . .

Prof. Ehsan Hoque of computer science is recipient of World Technology Award for his cutting-edge work in human-computer interaction. Read more . . .

Prof. Kevin Parker named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors for discoveries that have been widely applied in medical imaging and image processing. Read more  . . .

Wendi Heinzelman is officially installed as the first woman to serve as dean of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Read more . . . 

Prof. Jannick Rolland and lab collaborate with Medical Center on regenerating a critical layer of the cornea. Read more . . .

Role of Institute of Optics during World War II is remembered on 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Read more  . . .

November 2016


Di Xu, a PhD student in optics, works with metrology equipment used to test freeform surfaces designed by the Center for Freeform Optics at the University of Rochester.

Center for Freeform Optics attracts industry partners, creating research opportunities for PhD students. Read more . . .

October 2016


This image by Miguel Alonso, associate professor of optics, and collaborators at the Fresnel Institute in Marseille, shows the polarization of light emitting from each of 180 cores of an optical fiber, as measured by a device created in collaboration with Thomas Brown, professor of optics, and researchers at two Universities in France.

OSA's 100th annual meeting here is opportunity to showcase Hajim School research. Read more here.

Prof. Kevin Parker's H-scan technology incorporates new colors in ultrasound, making it easier to interpret images. Read more here.

September 2016


Yifan Gao, PhD student in the lab of Wyatt Tenhaeff, assistant professor of chemical engineering, works with a iCVD (initiated chemical vapor deposition) reactor, which will be used to synthesize solid electrolytes for 3-D microbatteries.

Prof. Tenhaeff's lab in chemical engineering is developing next-generation batteries -- large and small. Read more here.

Grant to bring underrepresented engineering students here for summer research. Read more here.

Prof. Askari of mechanical engineering codevelops 'simple, elegant' model to predict force needed to push objects through granular materials, with multiple applications. Read more here.

Diane Dalecki appointed chair of biomedical engineering. Read more here.

Prof. Robert Waag: A 'magum opus' of research recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more here.

ChemE's scholar athletes garner 3 of 10 University Garnish awards. Read more here.

Hajim School researchers collaborate with Carestream Health on developing new ultrasound technologies. Read more here.

August 2016


Asst. Prof. Qiang Lin will lead $2 million, multi-university effort to develop silicon carbide integrated quantum photonic processors for secure communications and advanced computing. Read more here.

"You are the stewards of our future," Dean Heinzelman tells incoming freshmen. Read more here.

Prof. Xi-Cheng Zhang and PhD student Kang Liu use exotic ring-Airy laser beam to extend the distance at which terahertz waves can be generated to detect explosives or other hidden objects. Read more here.

July 2016


Hajim undergrads get hands-on research experience this summer as Xerox fellows. Read more . . .

Asst. Prof. Qiang Lin, student help demonstrate, for first time, how 'optical spring' effect can detect single molecules. Read more . . .

Assoc. Prof. Nick Vamivakas is recipient of Mandel Faculty Fellow Award. Read more . . .

June 2016


Baja SAE team competes in its own backyard, hosts team from India.  Read more . . .


Human-Computer Interaction group featured at Microsoft blog for platform that provides automated feedback to help people become better speakers. Read more . . .

May 2016


Wendi Heinzelman will be the new Dean of the Hajim School. Read more . . .

Prof. Riccardo Betti surveys the 'state of the art' in intertial confinement fusion. Read more . . .


Boubacar Diallo of Mechanical Engineering is jubilant after receiving his diploma at the Hajim School Commencement ceremony. (Photo by Keith Walters/University of Rochester.)

'You are only limited by the scope of your imagination.' Hajim School awards diplomas to the Class of '16. Read more . . .

Prof. Vamivakas is inaugural recipient of Edmund A. Hajim Outstanding Faculty Award. Read more . . .

Congratulations to more than 40 students who are receiving Hajim School and departmental awards. Read more . . .

April 2016


Madeleine Laitz '16 of Chemical Engineering describes her path to a Fulbright. Read more . . .

Hajim School seniors display more than 70 capstone projects at annual design day. Read more . . .

Welch award winner Dan Smith is "always there for us," Optics student say. Read more . . .

Optical engineering student, immersed into two senior design projects, learns the value of teamwork. Read more . . .

STEM-Gems program wins Meliora Award for increasing retention of 'at-risk' students. Read more . . .

Prof. Laurel Carney receives Engineering Professor of the Year award from Students' Association. Read more . . .

DandyHacks, our third annual 36-hour hack-a-thon, draws 140 student participants. Read more . . .

Prof. Robert Boyd's group in Optics explores applications of 'twisted light.' Read more . . .

From boot camp to diploma, Nate Powers of Electrical and Computer Engineering leaves a lasting impression. Read more . . .

Thirst for knowledge drives Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez of Optical Engineering, UR's third Gates Cambridge scholar. Read more . . .

March 2016


App developed by Hajim School computer scientists helps Las Vegas health department more effectively monitor restaurants for food-borne illnesses. Read more . . .

"We need to understand the backbone" of ancient structures to preserve them, says Prof. Renato Perucchio, who brings international scholars here for a symposium. Read more . . .

PhD student Nabil Hossain and his collaborators teach computers to pinpoint with greater precision when and where Twitter users are drinking alcohol. Read more . . .

February 2016


Prof. Anthamatten's new polymer changes shape in response to body heat, opening the door for new medical and other applications. Read more . . .

CAREER award helps MechE Prof. Douglas Kelley explore liquid metal batteries that could power a city. Read more . . .

Audio and Music Engineering instructor Rob Lavaque describes his work on Super Bowl ads. Read more . . .

Open source app replaces textbook in Prof. Andrew White's class on numerical methods and statistics. Read more . . .

Engineering students pitch in to repair practice carillon. Read more . . .

Engineers Without Borders chapter ready to design water treatment system for school in the Dominican Republic. Read more . . .

ChemE's 'go-to guy,' lab engineer Larry Kuntz, marks 50 years with UR. Read more . . .

January 2016


Tech Development Fund helps Optics Prof. John Marciante pursue promising ways to boost laser power, efficiency. Read more . . .

Meet our students: Here are nine sophomores who are taking full advantage of the Hajim School's "full spectrum" of opportunities. Read more . . .

See how students have successfully become Grand Challenges Scholars. Click on the link below, then scroll to Student Spotlights.

Read More