13 students receive Hajim School awards

May 13, 2014 — Each of the following awards are given annually to Hajim School students based on nominations from faculty, staff and students.  The students are very deserving of this recognition for all of their hard work.

Donald M. Barnard Prize

The Donald M. Barnard Prize is awarded annually to a junior or senior engineering student and is given on the basis of personal qualification and achievement. This year the Hajim School was able to award the prize to eight very talented and qualified students as shown in the wonderful recommendations they received from their departments. Congratulations to each of these students and good luck in future endeavors.

Lucas Crandall, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Physics
Chantel Guadet, Chemical Engineering and Applied Math
Karen Meess, Biomedical Engineering
Dan Scarafoni, Computer Science
Jonathan Slotkin, Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Vespone, Biomedical Engineering
Ioannis Zampetakis, Biomedical Engineering
Robert Wright, Optical Engineering

Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award

The Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award recognizes a hard-working undergraduate with an interest in metallurgy. This year, chemical engineering professor Jacob Jorne nominated a multi-talented student who was not only a highly praised teachers assistant for the Chemical Engineering Department but also kept an extremely competitive GPA while being on the women's soccer team. Congratulations to Allison Bernstein!

G. Harold Hook Prize

The G. Harold Hook Prize is awarded each year to a student who has demonstrated an above-average interest in engineering. Professor Diane Dalecki wrote a very enthusiastic nomination for this year's winner, Jacob VanderBurgh. Jacob will be completing two degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences with a focus in Cell and Development. Professor Dalecki described his overcoming of numerous barriers and being one of the top students she has interacted with in the BME program. Congratulations to Jacob!

Charles L. Newton Prize

The Charles L. Newton Prize is awarded to an engineering student who shows a special proficiency in some subject connected with engineering and who has conducted research, given a presentation or published a paper. This year the committee chose Andrew Keene as the winner. Professor Jon Ellis recommended Andrew from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Andrew began doing research with Professor Ellis just after his sophomore year. Andrew's presentation of research at conferences has won an award for best poster. His work with Professor Ellis includes one article that will soon be published and one invention that has been provisionally patented. All of this work was done while being a student athlete! Congratulations to Andrew!

Robert L. Wells Prize

The Robert L. Wells Prize is given to a senior engineering student for demonstrated competence in both engineering and the humanities. The winner or winners are chosen based on the highest-ranking seniors in the Hajim School as of the fall of their senior year. This year's winners are Brandon Wilson, Gregory Dimock and Robert Wright. Brandon is a Chemical Engineering major who has minors in Chemistry, Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering. Gregory is a Mechanical Engineering major who also has minors in Business, Economics and Math. Robert is completing a degree in Optical Engineering and has completed this degree in three years! Congratulations to each of these students!

Tau Beta Pi Prize

The Tau Beta Pi Prize is awarded to a Tau Beta Pi senior who, through academic achievement, proven leadership and sterling character, has excelled and inspired fellow students. This year the students in Tau Beta Pi and the faculty committee chose Amanda Chen, a Biomedical Engineering major. Amanda served as the Tau Beta Pi president this past year and has started a number of new programs and initiatives to strengthen the honors society and increase its presence on campus. This has helped to highly increase the number of students initiated into Tau Beta Pi this past semester. Congratulations to Amanda and thank you for all of your hard work!