Research Focus

Cardenas Lab research focuses on integrated photonics, nanophotonics, and nonlinear photonics. Our group tackles high impact challenges using nanostructured devices on a chip. Current research is focused on four main areas: photonic packaging, 2D materials integrated photonics, nonlinear photonics, and on-chip quantum photonics.

Novel Optical Materials and Devices

Silicon has revolutionized the field of photonics; however, its lack of light emission, lack of light detection, and weak or power-hungry effects for refractive index change limit its applications. We are working on integrating novel 2D materials, whose exciting optical and electrical properties are just being discovered, with traditional dielectric and semiconductor materials used for photonics.

Fiber to Chip Fusion Splicing

On-Chip Weak Value Amplification


Understanding the way healthy cells go about their normal functions is critical to decipher what goes wrong in diseased cells. While much is known about the cell, the cell environment is poorly understood at a local level. We are working on developing novel nanophotonic devices to let us understand how cells work, which could lead to breakthroughs in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancer, for example.