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The Industrial Associates (IA) Program

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Levels & Benefits

Whether through student recruitment or research collaboration, summer short-course participation or senior design projects, we look forward to partnering with you and your company!

Your company is able to choose to participate in the IA Program at one of four levels, for which costs and membership benefits vary. The highest of these levels offers the most exclusive benefits to member companies.

Membership benefits will range from:

  • Invitations to bi-annual IA meetings
  • Increased and priority access to students and resumes
  • Tuition-free or discounted seats at our Summer Short-Course Series
  • An ability to engage more directly with faculty
  • Opportunities to shape Senior Design Projects
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc student interview opportunities
  • Company name and logo visibility on IA website
  • The ability to post vacancies to our electronic Job Board
  • Involvement in a Director’s Advisory Board

Please note that this list of benefits is not exhaustive, and the benefits your company receives will increase in direct correlation to the level at which you commit to engage.

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