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Florian Fourier, Tobias Schmid, and Amber Beckley win awards at IODC and OFT

July 3, 2010

Congratulations to Florian Fournier, a PhD candidate from CREOL and a visiting student at the Institute of Optics who is working with Professor Rolland, for his work on "Freeform Reflector Design using Integrable Maps", which received first place for the best paper award at the International Optical Design Conference (IODC) held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming June 13-17 2010.

Amber Beckley, who is working with Professor Brown at the Institute of Optics, received the second place best paper award at IODC for her work on "Imprinting Aberrations in the Stokes Parameters of a Focal Spot". In addition, Amber received an award from the Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Travel Grant, administered by the OSA Foundation.

IODC, which is held every four years, was collocated this year with Optical Fabrication and Testing (OFT). Awards handed out at OFT included one for Tobias Schmid, also a PhD candidate visiting from CREOL and working with Professor Rolland. Tobias received the second place best paper award for his work on " Utilizing Insights of Nodal Aberration Theory in Optical Testing/Alignment ".

Congratulations to the three of them for their outstanding work and recognition!