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Google Scholar lists 3 books by Optics faculty as the most cited books in Physics

September 5, 2012

The Institute of Optics proudly announced today, that Google Scholar lists three books by faculty members among the 12 most cited books in Physics:

Principles of Optics (Born and Wolf) 36,678
Classical Electrodynamics (Jackson) 27,446
Quantum computation and quantum information (Nielsen and Chuang) 15,892
A Second Course in Quantum Theory (Landau) 14,179
Electrodynamics of continuous media (Landau and Liftshitz) 13,098
Nonlinear fiber optics (Agrawal)12,357
Computational electrodynamics (Taflove and Hagness) 10,002
Gravitation and cosmology (Weinberg) 8,703
Feynman lectures on physics (Feynman) 8,285
The principles of nonlinear optics (Shen) 7,226
Principles of Quantum Mechanics (Dirac) 6,234
Nonlinear optics (Boyd)6,037

This is terrific news and bespeaks the quality of the Institute of Optics!