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Institute of Optics continues outreach to local high schools

June 24, 2013

Director Xi-Cheng Zhang shares a thank-you note that three of his Institute of Optics staff members received. They recently hosted a tour by home-schooled and McQuaid high school students.The visit was “inspiring, enlightening and downright enjoyable,” the note says, adding “the older students certainly were able to expand their frame of reference and the younger ones are starting to think this math and science stuff isn’t so bad—'you can get really cool jobs.' ” Thanks to Per Adamson, director and coordinator of the teaching labs; Brian McIntyre,lecturer; and Assoc. Prof. Jim Zavislan, our incoming associate dean, for giving these students a great tour and, hopefully, inspiring some of them to become future students at The Institute!

To see the thank you note, click here to read it.