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 October 20, 2014

COS celebrates 50th anniversary

Congratulations to the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona on their 50th anniversary!

The Optical Sciences Center was founded in 1964 at  crucial moment in US history, providing a catalyst to key advancements in optics. Many Institute of Optics graduates have contributed to Arizona's extraordinary accomplishments throughout the years, most notably James C. Wyant, who has served Arizona for 40 of the 50 years, both academically as Professor and administratively as Director and Dean. Just recently, an executive link between the two programs was formed to further increase bonds and facilitate joint efforts.

To quote Director Xi-Cheng Zhang in his  congratulatory letter "My genuine hope is that the College of Optical Sciences and The Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester will continue to strengthen our personal and professional connections, and continue our innovative contributions to the field of Optics and to the education of high-technology talents!"