Measurement of OAM state vector receives coverage from Fox News

January 29, 2014

The "Direct measurement of a 27-dimensional orbital-angular-momentum state vector" receives media coverage from Fox News. The paper reports research results performed by Boyd's quantum photonics group members Mehul Malik and Mohammad Mirhosseini along with collaborators from University of Ottawa and University of Glasgow. Here comes a summary of the news report by Fox News:

"In a study detailed in the Jan. 20 issue of the journal Nature Communications,researchers from the University of Rochester and the University of Glasgow took a direct measurement of a photon's 27-dimensional quantum state." "The group, led by Malik and Robert Boyd, a professor of optics and physics at the University of Rochester, was able to see a photon's states directly. They measured the photon's orbital angular momentum, which is how much the particles of light "twist" as they travel through space."