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Moore Research Group

Completed Masters Candidates

Dennis C. Leiner (1977)

             Phase-Lock Interference Microscopy

Fernando B. Neves (1977)

             Large Aperture A. C. Interferometry

Lisa Gregorka (1978)

             Measurement of the Chromatic Dispersion of Gradient Refractive Index Glass using a Schlieren Technique

Bruce E. Truax (1978)

             Phase-Locked Moire´ Fringe Analysis for Automatic Contouring of Diffuse Surfaces

Robert  P. Herloski (1979)

             Measurement of Ultrasmall Displacement

Robert T. Salvage (1979)

             Third Order Aberration Study of Radial Gradient Lenses with Zero Petzval Curvature and Spherical Gradient Lenses

Karen D. Jacobsen (1980)

             Three-Dimensional Moire´ Contouring using Phase-Locked Interferometry

Danette P. Ryan (1980)

             Measurement of the Chromatic Dispersion of Gradient-Index Materials by Multiple Wavelength A. C. Interferometry

Susan N. Houde-Walter (1983)

             Field-Assisted Ion Exchange in Glass

Thomas F. Powers (1983)

             Interferometric Measurement of Transparent Solids

Ronald D. Stern (1983)

             Three-Dimensional Contouring by Additive Topography

Nancy J. Sullo (1983)                                                                                    

             Measurement of Absolute Refractive Index Profiles in Gradient-Index using Modulation Ellipsometry

Jill D. Forer (1983)

             Third Order Aberration Analysis of Gradient-Index Arrays

Mary J. Nadeau (1984)

             Aberration Analysis of Curved Gradient-Index Imaging Rods

Denis P. Naughton (1986)

             Fabrication and Testing of Infrared Gradient-Index Materials

Robert J. Zinter (1987)

             A Three Dimensional Super Position Array

Joan Samuels (1989)

             Influence of the Molten Salt Bath on Ion Exchange in Glass and The Gradient-Index Profile

Daniel Krill (1990)

             Axial and Radial Index Gradients Optical Data Storage Lenses

Laurie Scheffel (1990)

             Dispersion Measurement of Infrared Gradient Materials

Mark Wittman (1990)

             High-Precision Characterization of Inertial-Fusion Targets Using Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometry

Michael Hoppe (1992)

             Design of Axial Gradient Singlets Utilizing a Fickian Diffusion Model

Anchan Sharma (2016)

             Spherical Gradient Index Ball Lenses

Yvonne Bodell (2018)

              Gradient-Index Ophthalmic Lenses