Completed Candidates


Gih-Horng Chen (1977)

             High-Speed Fabrication of Aspherical Surfaces

James J. Bohache (1978)

             Study of the Optical Polishing Process

Stephen D. Fantone (1979)

             Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Aspects of Gradient--Index Optical Components

Glen W. Johnson (1979)

             Measurement of Strongly Refracting Three-Dimensional Distributions

David Lees (1979)

             Frustrated Total Reflection Polarizing for the Infrared

Joel L. Seligson (1981)

             The Optical Field in the Focal Region of an Aberrated Lens

Paul O. McLaughlin (1983)

             Thermal Expansion and Temperature Dependence of the Refractive Index in Gradient Refractive Index Glasses

Joseph J. Miceli (1983)

             Infrared Gradient-Index Optics:  Materials, Fabrication, and Testing

Danette P. Ryan (1983)

             Chromatic Properties of Index of Refraction Gradients in Glass

Joan M. Stagaman (1985)

             Anamorphic Gradient-Index Lens Systems

Leland G. Atkinson III (1986)

             High Speed Fabrication of Aspheric Surfaces

Susan N. Houde-Walter (1987)

             Profile Control in Gradient-Index Glasses

C. Benjamin Wooley (1989)

             Design and Fabrication of Luneburg-Type Waveguide Lenses

J. Brian Caldwell (1989)

             Sol-Gel Methods for Making Radial Gradient-Index Glass

Leo R. Gardner (1989)

             Studies in Gradient Index Polymer Materials

Michael T. Houk (1990)

             Fabrication & Testing of Index Gradients in Fluorite Materials

Douglas S. Kindred (1991)

             Development of New Gradient-Index Glasses for Optical Imaging Systems

John P. Bowen (1991)

             Radial Gradient Lenses for Single-Mode Optical Systems

C. Gary Blough  (1992)

             Single Point Diamond Turning of Glass

David Wang (1992)

             Design Methods for Gradient Index Imaging Systems

Niels Haun (1993)

             Effect of Diffusion Chemistry on Gradient Index Profiles formed via Sol-Gel

Andrew Kulawiec (1994)

             Quantitative Phase Imaging in Scanning Optical Microscopy

Julie Bentley (1995)

             Integration of the Design and Manufacture of Gradient-Index Optical Systems

Christopher Saxer (1997)

             Interferometric Characterization of the Chromatic Dispersion of Gradient-Index Glasses

Curtis Harkrider (1999)

             Design-for-Manufacture of Gradient-Index Optical Systems Using Time-Varying Boundary Condition Diffusion

Mary Kate Crawford (1999)

            Tolerance Analysis of Axial Gradient-Index Lenses

Jennifer Rouke (2000)

             Birefringence in Gradient-Index Materials

Paul Murphy (2000)

             Interferometric Metrology of Aspheric Surfaces

David Fischer (2002)

             Gradient-Index Ophthalmic Lens Design and Polymer Material Studies

Yanqiao (Joyce) Huang (2008)

             Spatial Coherence Interferometry for Biometric Measurement of the Human Eye

Greg Schmidt (2009)

             Artificial Neural Superposition Compound Eyes and the Effect of Tapered Gradient Index Cones

Blair Unger (2010)

             Dimpled Planar Lightguide Solar Concentrators

Eric Christensen (2012)

             Spectral Splitting Solar Concentrating Systems and Variable Thickness Dielectric Coatings

Xinye Lou (2012)

             Spatial Coherence Interferometry and Its Applications

Mick Brown  (2013)

             Advanced Light Guide Solar Concentrators

Pete McCarthy  (2015)

             Gradient-Index Materials, Design, and Metrology for Broadband Imaging Applications

Daniel Williams  (2016)

             Window-Integrated Low Concentration Planar Light Guide Solar Concentrators

Kejia Fang  (2016)

             Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Polymer Gradient-Index (GRIN) Material

James Corsetti (2017)

             Design of ZnS/ZnSe Gradient-Index Lenses in the Mid-Wave Infrared and Design, Fabrication, and Thermal Metrology of Polymer Radial Gradient-Index Lenses

Rebecca E. Berman  (2018)

             Efficient light collection in solar concentrating systems

Yang Zhao  (2018)

             Low-coherence interferometer for dimensional metrology

Anthony J. Yee  (2018)

             Mid-wave and long-wave infrared gradient-index optics: metrology, design, and athermalization


Dennis C. Leiner (1977)

             Phase-Lock Interference Microscopy

Fernando B. Neves (1977)

             Large Aperture A. C. Interferometry

Lisa Gregorka (1978)

             Measurement of the Chromatic Dispersion of Gradient Refractive Index Glass using a Schlieren Technique

Bruce E. Truax (1978)

             Phase-Locked Moire´ Fringe Analysis for Automatic Contouring of Diffuse Surfaces

Robert  P. Herloski (1979)

             Measurement of Ultrasmall Displacement

Robert T. Salvage (1979)

             Third Order Aberration Study of Radial Gradient Lenses with Zero Petzval Curvature and Spherical Gradient Lenses

Karen D. Jacobsen (1980)

             Three-Dimensional Moire´ Contouring using Phase-Locked Interferometry

Danette P. Ryan (1980)

             Measurement of the Chromatic Dispersion of Gradient-Index Materials by Multiple Wavelength A. C. Interferometry

Susan N. Houde-Walter (1983)

             Field-Assisted Ion Exchange in Glass

Thomas F. Powers (1983)

             Interferometric Measurement of Transparent Solids

Ronald D. Stern (1983)

             Three-Dimensional Contouring by Additive Topography

Nancy J. Sullo (1983)                                                                                    

             Measurement of Absolute Refractive Index Profiles in Gradient-Index using Modulation Ellipsometry

Jill D. Forer (1983)

             Third Order Aberration Analysis of Gradient-Index Arrays

Mary J. Nadeau (1984)

             Aberration Analysis of Curved Gradient-Index Imaging Rods

Denis P. Naughton (1986)

             Fabrication and Testing of Infrared Gradient-Index Materials

Robert J. Zinter (1987)

             A Three Dimensional Super Position Array

Joan Samuels (1989)

             Influence of the Molten Salt Bath on Ion Exchange in Glass and The Gradient-Index Profile

Daniel Krill (1990)

             Axial and Radial Index Gradients Optical Data Storage Lenses

Laurie Scheffel (1990)

             Dispersion Measurement of Infrared Gradient Materials

Mark Wittman (1990)

             High-Precision Characterization of Inertial-Fusion Targets Using Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometry

Michael Hoppe (1992)

             Design of Axial Gradient Singlets Utilizing a Fickian Diffusion Model

Anchan Sharma (2016)

             Spherical Gradient Index Ball Lenses

Yvonne Bodell (2018)

             Gradient-Index Ophthalmic Lenses