A Device For Identifying Microplastics
We are designing a device that will provide a cost-effective method for characterizing whether a particle in water is a plastic or nonplastic, as well as categorizing the subtype of …
Acorn Biochar: By-product Removal from Pyrolysis Gas
Enable self-sustaining biochar production by reclamation of process by-products.
Acorn Throughput: Providing Automation and Input Feed Control for CHIP
Automation of feedstock delivery for creation of biochar, a product of biomass pyrolysis, thermal decomposition in the absence of oxygen.
AI Sorting System
The AI Sorting System takes a photo of a recyclable object, weighs it, and scans it with a metal detector. It inputs this data into a program that classifies the …
Biochar Bricks for Building Materials
Create building materials for developing countries from waste plastic and biochar, and compare to concrete standard.
Hemp Composite Research & Design
Optimize creation of composites combining under-utilized hemp fabrics with epoxy.
Minimizing Nickel Contamination of Cleaning Tanks at Orafol.
Minimize nickel contamination of cleaning tanks in Orafol Precision Technology's electroforming process.
Natural Gas Mixer Redesign
A renewed focus on environmental concerns means that fuel efficiency and emissions of engines are of significant importance. A current design for a mixing nozzle exists, but the fuel residence …
Smart Home Automation System
MOTLEY (Main Organizing Terminal for Low Energy Usage) focuses on the creation of a Smart Home using a Raspberry Pi as the central device. Similar to the google home, we …
Sun-Tracking Solar Panel System
Our project was to implement a system of light reflectors that autonomously track the sun's position and focus the light on a solar panel to maximize the incident light intensity …
The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge
The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) is a competition that is part of the annual American Society of Mechanical Engineer's (ASME) E-fest. This competition requires that teams from various universities …
Thermal Energy Storage -MicroEra Capstone Project
MicroEra is a heat energy storage company that has had reduced efficiency in their storage tanks due to phase separation of phase change materials. Our project aims to improve the …
Ugandan Water Project India Mark II Tailpiece Design
Limit entry of abrasive sediment into India Mark II handpump for Ugandan Water Project.
Verifying Lake Ontario’s Water Level
The Caldwell-Fay equation (2002) attempts to model what Lake Ontario's current water level would be if dam construction had never taken place along the St. Lawrence Seaway (i.e. the natural …