Thank You

Many people contributed greatly to Design Day this year.  Most especially, we would like to thank those who, as customers, provided valuable guidance and mentorship to our student teams.  Project customers are acknowledged in the description of each project and also in some of the program acknowledgements below.  (Note: If you are interested in sponsoring a future project – there is no cost to do this – please visit our sponsor page.)

Special thanks to Emily Sherwood, director of the Digital Scholarship Lab, who along with Meaghan Moody and Lisa Wright, also of the DSL, created the platform for this event. Josh Romphf of the DSL and Stephen Alexander of Library IT Services made sure Resurrect3D could be used for showcasing project models. AS&E Web Help Team, including Nick Scipione, provided additional support.

Many others, staff and friends, provided extra help and support this year. In particular, we would like to thank the following (with apologies for any omissions):

AME: Special thanks to Paul Osborne, Joseph DiPassio III, and Dan Phinney for their assistance

BME:  Special thanks to Jim Alkins, Ramzi El-Hassan MD, Martha Gdowski PhD, Martin Gira, Taimi Marple, Judy Principe, Sandy Ruddy, Art Salo, and Kanika Vats for their assistance.

ECE: Special thanks to thank Paul Osborne for working with students on mechanical and construction issues, Barb Dick for helping the students stay on course throughout their time here at UR, and Dan Phinney for helping out with the projects in all ways.

DSC: The Goergen Institute for Data Science sincerely thanks all capstone project sponsors for engaging with the student teams and providing valuable guidance and mentorship throughout the semester.

ME: Special thanks to Jim Alkins, John Miller, Scott Russell, Mike Pomerantz, Chris Pratt, Omar Soufan, Alex Ferrarese, Jill Morris, Josh Romphf, and Bill Mildenberger.

OPT/OPE: Many thanks to the Optics senior thesis advisors: Professors Greg Schmidt, Nicholas Vamivakas, Svetlana Lukishova, Jennifer Kruschwitz, and Pengfei Huo.  Special thanks to Ed Herger of the UR The Institute of Optics. 

We would also like to express special appreciation to the Optical Engineering Senior Design Customers: Kyle Branigan (II-VI Incorporated), Dr. Victor Bucklew (L3 Harris), Ivan Cash and Kimberly Lewis (IRL Labs), Tao Chen (ASML), Dr. Michelle Cox and Dr.Michell Rucci (UR Center for Visual Science), Dr. Matt Fischer and Dr. Brandon Zimmerman (Altair Health), Professor Kruschwitz (UR The Institute of Optics),  Professor Elena Lomakina (UR Department of Biomedical Engineering), Nathan Oakes (Combplex), Professor Chris Muir (UR Department of Mechanical Engineering), Professor Louis Rothberg and Dr. Akbari Dourbash (UR Department of Chemistry), and Professor Richard Waugh (UR Department of Biomedical Engineering).