Hajim Spotlights

Tinashe Marera

Class year: 2020
Major: electrical and computer engineering

Where did you intern?


What work did you do as an intern?

I worked with the HoloLens Hardware team as a hardware engineering intern. My work included making high-level circuit block diagrams, circuit simulations, schematic capturing, placement and layout, conducting formal schematic and board reviews, python scripting for hardware bring-up, and a bit of FPGA emulation work. 

How did you obtain this opportunity? What was the application process like?

I found my friend applying and I decided to apply as well. The application is pretty simple to complete, it involves filling in your details and attaching your resume and transcript. Cover letters are optional and I didn't complete one. 

What did you gain from this experience?

I learned the process of making PCB boards, gained an in-depth understanding of FPGAs and improved my python and C++ skills. I also learned the importance of presenting your work well since most work is recycled and shared by many individuals. Finally, I learned that most of the projects in industry can be different from the material covered in class, but with time you get the hang of things so you shouldn't lose your sense of humor during the learning curve. 

Any particularly memorable experiences?

I had a few of these, which include grabbing lunch daily with my team which allowed me to get to know them personally and made working with them easier, meeting the GM and CVP for the Cloud and AI group, Camp Microsoft, Intern day, and giving a speech at my farewell lunch.

Any advice for other students who are interested in pursuing an internship?

Apply early (around September and October) and don't hold yourself back from applying to these opportunities, you just might be the one the companies are looking for. Once you get to the internship, lock-in and apply yourself and you will do great.

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