Engineering & Applied Sciences


The Charles and Janet Forbes Entrepreneurial Competition

Past Forbes Competition Winners
YearAwardee(s)Project Title
1990 Kevin McGuire Tailored Lighting Inc.
1991 Not Awarded
1992 Dexter Hodge Device that generates a frequency that varies linearly with vertical position
Theodore Tyree The Sound Affector:  A Digital Effects Unit
Aron Cogswell and Mark Cusac Reducing Heat Discharge to the Environment with the Use of an Ammonia-Water Heat Pump
Jeff Weisberg, Peter Newcomb, Andrew Forsberg, Yoram Fisher, Natarajan Venkataraman, and Joe Rosato Educational Mobile Sensor Platforms
1993 Dan Berkowitz, Nathan Geryk, Roy Muermann, Vincent Nguyen, Diane Santos, and Jeff Waldrop Asynchronous Processor
Ian Schaad, Debra Wilson, and Gregory Lukins Epidermal Surface Profiler
Sudhir Bhatia, Peter Charles, and John Johnston Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Robotics
Matthew Ross and Michael Piotrowski Piano Damper Pedal Assist
Dan Orband and Yim Chan Wine Technologies
1994 David Franks Vivid Optical
Greg Lukins Bike Project
Falgun Patel Biophotonics
1995 Lior Gurwitz, Shakeel Peera, and Beejal Shah Infra-Red Data Transmission Device
Jill Greenberg, Christopher McKeever, Nora Meegan, and Jeffrey Shipley Visual Hearing Aid Devices
Terri Camesano, Anando Chowdhury. Amit Gupta, and Rosann Konecny Poseidon Chemical Enterprises
1996 Alisa Kongthon, Faisal Mir, and Rahul Panday Oxygen Demand Flow Device
Tanuj Agarwal and Bhanu Dhugana Implementation of a Charged Coupled Device into a Spectrophotometer
Tanuj Agarwal, Scott Diaczun, and Steve Lachance Preliminary Plant Design for the Manufacture of Cyclohexane by Benzene Hydrogenation
1997 Michael Bristol Personal Communications Systems
Matthew Reh, Michael Bristol, and Daniel Petrovich Adaptation of a Solar Guided Rocket to a Search and Rescue Aid
1998 Marchelle Adams, Hyouk-Jean Cha,   Buddhika DeSilva, Rahul Gupta, and Nick Hirth The Collision Avoidance System
Andrea Palisca The Optical Digital Harp
1999 Mark Jackson and Lauren Mangiola Processing Natural Gas into Methanol for the AHEAD Corporation
Ebony Schoon and the ME 205 Advanced Mechanical Design Class Project Junior – D’Vinyl Corporation related story
2000 Peter Dusaitis, Brady Huang, and Mark Perillo MBP Sensor Technologies, Inc
2001 Nate Chambers Kodiak Systems Group
Joseph Brochu, Caleb Farny, and Rafe Pascale Team ROV
Ronald Alonzo and Karen Boyd PreventACL, Inc.
2002 Erik Dunki-Jacobs, Matt Andisik, Tony Katsetos, and Vincent Nguyen 1st Prize – AirGuard
Kadie Simon, Scott Hanford, Johny Lopez, and Chuck Welliver 2nd Prize – Smartdesk, Inc.
2003 Elizabeth Farley, Seth Pantanelli, Tia Smith, and Jessie Weber Dynamic Eyevaluator
Huyen Luong, Ryan Burke, and Delali Attiogbe ZyPATCH, Inc.
2004 Maria Arevalo, Sara Finiki, Chrisna Govin, and Kristen Nicholson SonaCath
Randy Erb Visual Touch
2005 Sarah Zimet, Michael Mancini, Yue-Houng Hu , and Rebecca Hickman   1st Prize – PAHLS
Alex Chekholko, Gregory Briggs, and Reid Sprite 2nd Prize – DLM Research Company
Dan Nathan-Roberts 2nd Prize – CAD Transitions, Inc.
Megan Damcott, Ling Dong, Amy Huang, and Laura Katzenberger 3rd Prize – VersaErg Innovations related story
2006 Michael Sealander 1st Prize – Ophthalmetrics, Inc.
Erik Monostory and Jacob Kandefer 1st Prize – H - The New Alternative
Ali Anoff, Samuel Boyce, John Hekl, and  Jared Kanofsky 2nd Prize – NanoNet
2007 Amber Czajkowski, Kai Kao, Elizabeth Lalime, and Ranjit Sandhu 1st Prize – SoLux Smile related story
Nate Alves, Elena Macocinschi, Jarrod Orszulak, and Whitney Silkworth 2nd Prize – Saline Solutions
Dan Fink, Chris Babcock, Dave Borrelli, and Eric Weissmann 2nd Prize – UR Biodiesel related story
2008 James Bai, Sarah Hotaling, and Huy Le 1st Prize – sAMY Monitor related Story
Ashley Cronin, Nick Mikolenko, Brad Ochocki, and Brandon Smoller 2nd Prize – ToiletMD
Kyle Aures, Scott Warren, Aaron     Wescott, and Adam Williamson 2nd Prize – rKey
2009 Cheryl Blechman, Woojin Han, Alvin Lomibao, and Charity Wallace 1st Prize – PolyNet Technology
Tristan Barrueco, Mark DeAngelo, and Nicole Ruszczak 2nd Prize – microEZmix
Yu Cao, Tyler Kieft, Matthew Magill, and Kishore Padmaraju 3rd Prize – Watt Watcher
2010 Sara Ripp and Kerry Wang 1st Prize – Arm EmBrace
Nicole Telleri and Evan Vandegriff 2nd Prize – DPNDiagnostics
Justin Chang and Dan Mendelson 3rd Prize – SimuMed Technologies
2011 Benjamin Freedman and Johanna Kelly 1st Prize – OmNeo, LLC
Swapna Kumar, Jacy Bulaon, and Frances Bell 2nd Prize – DonDoff Solutions
Elie Glik, Brett Sternfield, and Zeyu Zhao 2nd Prize – gluComfort
Adam Kozak 3rd Prize – Aegis Technology
2012 Travis Block, Sara Hutchinson, Dominic Marino, David Narrow, and Martin Szeto 1st Prize – MonoMano
Max Greenberg 1st Prize – Droplets, Inc.
Margaret Fettis, Garrett Goss, Catherine Marando, Zachary Milstone, Kimberly Ornell 2nd Prize – FloMaR
2013 Joungyoon (Felix) Kim 1st Prize – Ovitz
Sonja Page, Erin Schnellinger, Ankit Medhekar, W. Spencer Klubben, Matt Plakosh, Michael Nolan 2nd Prize – TrakOR
Steven Trambert, Alex Feiszli, Eric Frank 2nd Prize – Formation 3D
2014 Kyle Fedorchak and Qihui (Fiona) Pu 1st Prize – UR DermMates
Courtney Astemborski and Chad Pickering 2nd Prize – Hemo-Box
Charlie Henick 3rd Prize (tie) – Cognitive
Joung Yoon (Felix) Kim 3rd Prize (tie) – Ovlay
2015 Lucian Copeland and Alexander Matthers 1st Prize – Nullspace
Isabella Cazacu, Brittanie Kilchoer, Jennifer Park, Melinda Vander Horst, Jacob Bohannon 2nd Prize – SimuClage
Kedarnath Balaji Shashidhar, David Porter, Dan Hassin 3rd Prize (tie) – Blackout Games
Ervis Vukaj, Rikesh Thapa, Nicholas Falcone, Charlie Kelman 3rd Prize (tie) – CampusFly
Nick Brown, Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez, Anis Kallel 3rd Prize (tie) – Teamo
2016 Jeff Hrebenach, Morgan Mehring, Max Sims, Wilfred Wallis 1st Prize – Pollinate Publicity
Syed Reefar Aziz and Rose Mbaye 2nd Prize (tie) – AnesthEZ
Marlen Mahendraratnam and Samuel Perakis 2nd Prize (tie) – Scoliosis Brace Compliance