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Drive medical innovations and health-care solutions

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Discover the future of clean energy, biotechnology, and nanotechnology

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Explore artificial intelligence, computer systems, and human-computer interaction

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Create the latest circuits, systems, electronics, and signals

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Analyze, design, and develop mechanical and thermal systems

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Investigate the properties of light through cloaking, communication, and medical devices

Find your Passion

Build your future through Hajim’s majors, minors and graduate degrees.

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Connect with Engineers

Join one of our 13 engineering societies on campus.

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Become an Entrepreneur

Explore entrepreneurship through Hajim’s KEY program and Forbes competition.

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Photo of Alin Kenworthy

Student Spotlight

Alin Kenworthy

“There’s a concept that there’s no such thing as the perfect recording of a live sound. I’m interested in trying to get as close to that as possible,” says Alin Kenworthy ’18. He’s found a great way to pursue that quest: The Hajim School’s audio and music engineering degree program, which prepares students to produce and distribute online and live music, do sound design for video games, design musical and audio equipment, and develop core audio technologies and electronics.

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In the 2016-2017 academic year 31 percent of the 1724 undergraduate engineering students were women.


In the 2016-2017 academic year 11 percent of the 1724 undergraduate engineering students are underrepresented minorities.

Resources for STEM-GEM Students

Our STEM-GEM program provides resources to first generation, low-income, and underrepresented minority students to help them succeed. Students can get one-to-one mentoring with upper-class STEM-GEMS, individual faculty support, academic support, and more. 

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