Engineering & Applied Sciences

BA in Engineering Science

How to Declare a Major in Engineering Science

Step 1

Read the engineering science major requirements page.

Step 2

Print and complete the engineering science checklist to the best of your abilities. List the relevant courses you have already taken, are currently taking, or plan to take before you graduate. You are not committed to following this course plan exactly, but you must fulfill the relevant requirements if you wish to graduate with a major in engineering science. If you ultimately deviate from the courses listed on your checklist, you may wish to check with an undergraduate advisor in the Hajim School Dean’s Office to confirm that the substitutions are acceptable.

Step 3

Transfer the courses from your checklist to the major declaration form. Please list the courses in the order they appear on the form, and do not include any that are not listed (ie: cluster curses, free electives, Primary Writing, etc.). Additional information about filling out this form can be found in the Major/Minor Declaration Student Instructions PDF. If you find that you need to petition for a course substitution, please write a short letter to the Interdepartmental Engineering Committee with the rationale for your request, and email it to

Step 4

Meet in-person with a Hajim School academic adviser in the Center for Advising Services, Lattimore 312. No appointment is needed if you come during walk-in hours. At this meeting, you and an adviser will review requirements and discuss your plans and, if all looks good, your adviser will approve your online major declaration.