Engineering & Applied Sciences

Faculty and Staff Achievements

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes a track record of achievement in research, teaching, and leadership. This award is intended for tenure-track faculty with primary appointments in the Hajim School.


2016: Robert Waag
2015: Mark Bocko
2014: Richard Waugh
2013: Riccardo Betti
2012: Duncan Moore
2011: Kevin Parker
2010: Ching Tang
2009: Emil Wolf
2008: No awards given
2007: Shaw Chen
2006: Al Clark
2005: Jim Li
2004: Richard Eisenberg
2003: Carlos Stroud
2002: Robert McCrory
2001: Nick George

Edmund A. Hajim Outstanding Faculty Award

This award recognizes excellence in teaching, research, and service.

2016: Nick Vamivakas

Edmund A. Hajim Outstanding Staff Award

This award recognizes excellence and dedication well above and beyond the call of duty.


2016: Bob Marcotte
2015: Tony Green
2014: Per Adamson
2013: Eileen Pullara
2012: John Miller
2011: Michelle Foster
2010: Marty Guenther
2009: Gayle Thompson
2008: No awards given.
2007: Deb Neiner-Lingg
2006: John Strong
2005: Dottie Welch
2004: Ken Adams
2003: Lisa Norwood
2002: Donna Porcelli
2001: Maureen Muar

Dottie Welch Student Enrichment Award

This award recognizes a Hajim School faculty or staff member “whose performance and dedication enriches the student experience in the tradition exemplified by Dottie Welch… “


2016: Dan Smith
2015: Jennifer Condit
2014: Rachel Monfredo

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Hajim School Bravo Chips

The Hajim Bravo Chip recognizes exemplary work done to help the Hajim School operate as a model of excellence for the University of Rochester and other institutions.

Read more about the Bravo Chips here.

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