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Distinguished Alumni

Award Recipients

Established in 1984, the Distinguished Alumnus Award recognizes graduates of Arts, Science, and Engineering whose exceptional professional achievements, contributions to their chosen field, and service to their alma mater have brought honor to themselves and to the University of Rochester. These are recipients of the award for engineering graduates.

2015: Stuart Elby '82 Optics
2014: Jack Carmola '77 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2013: Theo Mitsa '91 PhD Electrical Engineering
2012: Pandeli Durbetaki '54 MS Mechanical Engineering
2011: Lynn G. Seppala '74 PhD Optics
2010: John Major '67 Mechanical Engineering
2009: Stephen D. Fantone '79 PhD Optics
2008: No recipient
2007: Francis Price '75 MBA Simon
2006: Donald J. Brady '55 Mechanical Engineering
2005: Robert E. Smith '59 Mechanical Engineering
2004: Richard C. Palermo, Sr. '63 MS Chemical Engineering
2003: Paul F. Forman '56 Optics
2002: Charles R. Munnerlyn '69 PhD Optics
2001: No recipient
2000: Joan R. Ewing '73 PhD Electrical Engineering
1999: Bala S. Manian '69 MS Optics
1998: John F. Elter '69 PhD Mechanical Engineering
1997: Edward G. Gibson '59 Mechanical Engineering
1996: Frederick W. Kremkau '72 MS, PhD Electrical Engineering
1995: Thomas N. Hendrickson '70 MS Chemical Engineering         
1994: James C. Wyant '69 MS PhD Optics
1993: No recipient
1992: Robert Klimasewski '67 BS MS Optics
1991: H. Barry Bebb '66 PhD Optics
1990: Karl H. Kostusiak '65 MS Electrical Engineering
1989: John H. Seinfeld '64 Chemical Engineering
1988: William L. McCoy '63 Mechanical Engineering
1987: Louis T. Montulli '62  Mechanical Engineering
1986: George G. Landberg '61 MS Mechanical Engineering
1985: Nicholas Borrelli '60 MS PhD Chemical Engineering
1984: Robert A. Gardner '59 MS Chemical Engineering

Research and Innovation are essential to our nation’s economy, and the discoveries in our laboratories serve to provide the foundation for training future engineers and scientists as well as generate commercially viable ideas for licensing and new venture creation.

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