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Parametric Imaging Research Laboratory

Recent Publications

  1. Elastography can map the local inverse relationship between shear modulus and drug delivery within the pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma microenvironment
    H. Wang, R. Mislati, R. Ahmed, P. Vincent, S. F. Nwabunwanne, J. Gunn, Brian W. Pogue, and Marvin M. Doyley
    Clin Cancer Res 25(7) , pp. 2136 -2143  (2019). View Online
  2. Senescent phenotype induced by p90RSK-NRF2 signaling sensitizes monocytes and macrophages to oxidative stress in HIV+ individuals: implications for atherogenesis
    M. V. Singh, S. Kotla, N. T. Le, K. A. Ko, K. S. Heo, Y. Wang, Y. Fujii, H. T. Vu, E. McBeath, T. N. Thomas, Y. J. Gi, Y. T. Tao, J. L. Medina, J. Taunton, Nancy Carson, Vikram Dogra, Marvin M. Doyley, A. Tyrell, W. Lu, X. Qiu, N. E. Stirpe, K. Gates, C. Hurley, K. Fujiwara, S. Maggirwar, Giovanni Schifitto, and J. Abe
    Circulation 139(9) , pp. 1199 -1216  (2019). View Online
  3. Plane-wave imaging improves single-track location shear wave elasticity imaging
    R. Ahmed, S. A. Gerber, S. A. McAleavey, Giovanni Schifitto, and Marvin M. Doyley
    IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control 65(8) , pp. 1402 -1404  (2018). View Online
  4. Visualizing angle-independent principal strains in the longitudinal view of the carotid artery: phantom and in vivo evaluation
    Rohit Nayak, Giovanni Schifitto, and Marvin M. Doyley
    Ultrasound Med BIol 44(7) , pp. 1379 -1391  (2018). View Online
  5. Elastographic assessment of xenograft pancreatic tumors
    H. Wang, M. D. Nieskoski, K. Marra, J. Gunn, B. S. Trembly, Brian W. Pogue, and Marvin M. Doyley
    Ultrasound Med BIol 43(12) , pp. 2891 -2903  (2017). View Online