Grand Challenges Scholar

Maysoon-mahajabeen Harunani

Maysoon-mahajabeen Harunani standing next to her poster.
Maysoon-mahajabeen Harunani, biomedical engineering

Class year: 2023
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Challenge: Engineer Better Medicines

Can you provide a short summary of your project?

My project focused on engineering better medicines. My research was in drug delivery and pharmaceuticals and I supplemented it with coursework in marketing and medical anthropology. I also participated in a Hackathon about health care disparities, which helped to tie all my interests together.

Why did you want to address this particular challenge?

I wanted to address this particular challenge because of my interest in developing technology to aid in addressing health care disparities. This program gave me the opportunity to diversify my education and experiences while still getting to focus on my career goals.

What was the most important takeaway or thing you learned through the course of the project?

The most important takeaway that I learned was that any type of development and discovery has an impact beyond just that field and it is important to take that into consideration.

Now that you are graduating, what are your next steps?

After graduating, I am going to be pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.