Senior Design Day

  • “Although my Senior Design experience was altered due to the pandemic, having the chance to work with my classmates and also have direct correspondence with our project sponsors was a one-of-a-kind undergraduate experience that I’ve been able to draw on in my professional life so far.”

    —Mr. Collins S. Yawe (BS 2021, Chemical Engineering)

2022 Dottie Welch Award

Image of Christine Pratt

Christine Pratt

Technical Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering

“Chris is an unrecognized beacon of stability and quality within the mechanical engineering department. They calmly and productively demand the best of students while remaining understanding. They are an essential aspect of much of the practical experience mechanical engineers gain as a part of this program, and the school would be worse off without them”

“Throughout my four years she has been one of the many backbones of the Mechanical Engineering department. She is always willing to help students and will never make you feel dumb for asking anything. She treats freshmen and seniors alike with respect and kindness”

“The MechE department would fall apart without Chris, something I know for sure, having gone to her for help with class labs, senior design projects, research assistance, and even grad school advice. In an environment where it’s really easy to make students feel like they’re clueless, Chris never does. She’s always available and always smiling.”

360 View of the Hajim Science and Engineering Quadrangle

Click on the video below and pan around to see a full 360 view of the Engineering Quad.

360 Video: Meaghan Moody, Immersive Technologies Librarian, Studio X.

Five students sit and stand in groups on concrete steps underneath a large tree with many leaves on it. On the lower cement step is engraved Edmund A Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences.

Support Senior Design

Senior Design projects at the University of Rochester provide companies with the opportunity to work with the next generation of engineers, scientists, and programmers. As part of these projects, our students create custom solutions under the observation and guidance of a University faculty advisor.