Senior Design Day 2021

  • “Engineers are taught to think differently. They are taught how to solve problems which can be applied to all facets of your career and life.”

    —Scott Thomas DeGhetto (BS’87)

2021 Dottie Welch
Student Enrichment Award

Lisa Norwood

Assistant Dean,
Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

“Lisa has had such a positive impact on me during my time at the U of R…The past few years have not been easy but Lisa managed to make me smile and help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will forever be appreciative of the time and energy she puts into all of her advisees, it makes such a positive difference for us.”

“[Lisa is] tremendously kind and helpful in guiding my customized Interdepartmental Engineering major and other academic issues. She is a passionate, dedicated, and caring educator.”

“This year, though the COVID-19 virus drastically changed many aspects of our University’s education system, it did not impact Assistant Dean Norwood’s support for student health and wellbeing. I have seen her take great personal strides to connect struggling students together, during a time when we’ve needed that community-building and resilience the most.”

360 View of the Hajim Science and Engineering Quadrangle

Click on the video below and pan around to see a full 360 view of the Engineering Quad.

360 Video: Meaghan Moody, Immersive Technologies Librarian, Studio X.

Five students sit and stand in groups on concrete steps underneath a large tree with many leaves on it. On the lower cement step is engraved Edmund A Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences.

Support Senior Design

Senior Design projects at the University of Rochester provide companies with the opportunity to work with the next generation of engineers, scientists, and programmers. As part of these projects, our students create custom solutions under the observation and guidance of a University faculty advisor.