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Energy and Environmental

BME Archive
April 19, 2023 | 12:04 pm


Increase Accessibility to Healthcare CelluCov aims to provide sustainable solutions that are accessible to everyone, without sacrificing quality or performance of the device. While eco-friendlier manufacturing processes are often more…

topics: biodegradable, cellulose, COVID, COVID test, degradation, lateral flow assay, sustainability,
DSC Archive
March 28, 2021 | 01:39 pm

Predictive Maintainence for Trucks

Identify scenarios where DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) failure is likely to happen so that the trucking customer can be alerted in advance to avoid costly roadside breakdowns.

Community Engagement Archive
March 28, 2021 | 01:36 pm

Modeling of Lake St. Louis Water Levels

The main objective is to identify the maximum water flow tolerance of the Moses-Saunders Dam in order not to exceed the permissible limits of Lake St. Louis.

Energy and Environmental Archive
March 18, 2021 | 01:36 pm

Team Thermo

The solar steam turbine is a design that uses a femtosecond laser-processed superwicking metal sheet to generate electricity via steam generation. Team Thermo wishes to thank the following for their…

This Xerox-sponsored project aims to completely separate high viscosity PDMS and heptane via a solvent evaporation process followed by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.
Alissa DeRubertis, Colin Ikei, Bryan Schellberg, Mark Volkin

topics: CHE, Extraction, PDMS, Polymers, Separation, Soft Matter, Supercritical Extraction,
CHE Archive
March 17, 2021 | 05:42 pm

Separating PFAS from Landfill Wastewater

This project, sponsored by Waste Management, is interested in comparing two methods for the removal of PFAS from landfill leachate, foam separation and activated carbon adsorption.
Justin King, Ashley Sibanda, Claire Wilson

topics: activated carbon, environmental, EPA, foam separation, forever chemicals, leachate, PFAS, wastewater,

This project aims to characterize a wastewater stream in addition to addressing biochemical oxygen demand in cooperation with LiDestri.
Katerina Connor, Junseok Jeon, Connor Pope, Brian Yegela

topics: beverage, biochemical oxygen demand, BOD, citric acid, refractive index, spirits, sucrose, waste stream, wastewater, yeast,

This project was to design an accelerated testing system for Harbec, Inc to evaluate gaskets in the India Mark II hand pump for installation by the Ugandan Water Project.

Dan Allara, Oion Akif, Paul Irving, Tessa Ludwick

topics: accelerated life testing, clean water, gasket, hand pump, India Mark II, polymer, polyurethane, rubber, test stand, Uganda, water,
Energy and Environmental Archive
March 17, 2021 | 12:11 pm

Water Tow Tank

Tow Tank devices are used in testing boat and aerodynamic models for things like aerodynamic drag and lift. These devices typically cost around $20,000 which is the reason not every school has access to such a device. Here in the University of Rochester, we don’t have our own tow tank device, but we do have a swimming pool, and a passion for solving problems. In this post, we are showcasing our prototype for a tow tank that can be assembled and used in the gym swimming pool. The cost of the prototype and the completed final device is less than $1000!

Community Engagement Archive
April 27, 2020 | 11:21 am

Sun-Tracking Solar Panel System

Our project was to implement a system of light reflectors that autonomously track the sun’s position and focus the light on a solar panel to maximize the incident light intensity and hence more power capture. The system was to be significantly cheap compared to buying multiple solar panels and capture more than double the solar power than using an ordinary solar panel.

Community Engagement Archive
April 27, 2020 | 10:45 am

Verifying Lake Ontario’s Water Level

The Caldwell-Fay equation (2002) attempts to model what Lake Ontario’s current water level would be if dam construction had never taken place along the St. Lawrence Seaway (i.e. the natural hydraulic state of the lake).

Newly unearthed Lake Ontario data going back to the 1860s has been discovered, and we had the rare opportunity to be the first to digitize and publicly analyze it.

Since this data set predates any dam construction it actually captures the lake’s natural state. Therefore it can be used to verify Caldwell-Fey’s equation which is being used to govern the lake’s inflow and outflow rate on a daily basis.

ECE Archive
April 22, 2020 | 10:32 pm

Smart Home Automation System

MOTLEY (Main Organizing Terminal for Low Energy Usage) focuses on the creation of a Smart Home using a Raspberry Pi as the central device. Similar to the google home, we are able to control our in-house made and thoughtfully designed custom peripherals through the use of this Pi, granting our user the ability to remotely control various devices in their homes from their current location.

BME Archive
April 22, 2020 | 10:32 pm

A Device For Identifying Microplastics

We are designing a device that will provide a cost-effective method for characterizing whether a particle in water is a plastic or nonplastic, as well as categorizing the subtype of plastic. The device will need to be effective on a scale of approximately one to five microns, which is the size of the microplastic particles.

ECE Archive
April 22, 2020 | 10:32 pm

AI Sorting System

The AI Sorting System takes a photo of a recyclable object, weighs it, and scans it with a metal detector. It inputs this data into a program that classifies the item as plastic, metal, or glass. The system includes 3 bins, one for each material. LEDs will light up on one of the bins and its lid will flip open, indicating that the recyclable should be placed in that bin.

Energy and Environmental Archive
April 22, 2020 | 10:32 pm

Natural Gas Mixer Redesign

A renewed focus on environmental concerns means that fuel efficiency and emissions of engines are of significant importance. A current design for a mixing nozzle exists, but the fuel residence could be higher and the pressure drop could be lower. A longer fuel residence time ensures smooth distribution of fuel and a more efficient burn. A lower pressure drop means that less energy is lost by the motion of the fluid through the mixer.

Energy and Environmental Archive
April 22, 2020 | 10:32 pm

Thermal Energy Storage -MicroEra Capstone Project

MicroEra is a heat energy storage company that has had reduced efficiency in their storage tanks due to phase separation of phase change materials. Our project aims to improve the efficiency by adding a mixing system to the heat storage units.

Energy and Environmental Archive
April 22, 2020 | 10:32 pm

The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) is a competition that is part of the annual American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s (ASME) E-fest. This competition requires that teams from various universities design a vehicle for safe, reliable, and efficient human powered transportation. The teams come together and race their vehicles in an endurance race and a drag race, as well as present their design to the HPVC judges.

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