Audio and Music Engineering (AME)

The field of audio and music engineering extends far beyond the traditional music recording industry. Career paths for program graduates span hundreds of companies representing industries such as: computer hardware and software manufacturing, audio software development, music and audio recording and production, core audio and signal processing technologies and component manufacturing, musical instruments and audio equipment manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality, architectural acoustics, industrial noise monitoring and control, consumer product design, and research and development in acoustics. The projects completed in the two-semester senior design class highlight the diverse skills and experiences of our students in the areas of electronics, signal processing and acoustics.

Contact Information:

Michael Heilemann – Assistant Professor
611 Computer Studies Building
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14620

Sarah Smith – Assistant Professor
617 Computer Studies Building
University of RochesterRochester, NY 14620

AME Design Projects

Digital Effects Pedal with Wireless Controller
We created a digital audio effects pedal using a Raspberry Pi; the pedal can accept XLR and 1/4 inch input so it is ideal for horn players and guitarists alike. …
Hearing Augmentation Device
Our group designed an audio headset with user-adjustable 360 beamforming, EQ, and gain control. The signal processing runs on Analog Devices' EVAL-ADAU1452REVBZ using the Sigma Studio software. The headset uses …
Pianosaic: AR musical experience
Pianosaic is an augmented reality experience in which players get to create musical environments with a larger than life piano. Players are immersed in accurately spatialized audio. Players are able …
Virtual Wavetable Synthesizer
This product is intended to be used by music producers/recording engineers as a simple instrument within a digital audio workstation. It entails programming a virtual instrument (synthesizer) in the C++ …
Wavetable Synthesizer
Digital wavetable synthesizer; allows for 2-second user recordings to be used as custom oscillator sources. All DSP run on a SHARC chip, external controls via an Arduino.