• Danbury Mission Technologies – Creating an Optical Polisher
    Design an interchangeable, fixed offset, fixed gear-ratio eccentric tool spindle for gravity-loaded optical polishing procedures.
  • Mid-Wave IR Read-Out Integrated Circuit
    Team Mentor Professor Mottley and Professor Phinney Abstract Wildfires burn 7 million acres of land in the US every year. We present a read-out integrated circuit (ROIC) designed to be used in a CubeSat constellation for early detection and monitoring of wildfires. The circuit integrates, amplifies, and samples the weak […]
  • Myopia Control with Optical Design
    This senior design-driven project creates accurate Zemax ray-tracing models of the human eye to evaluate diffractive-refractive hybrid contact lenses for correcting wavefront error and chromatic aberration. The eventual goal is to apply the technology to school-aged children to prevent the progression of myopia development.
  • Nighthawk Solutions DIY Telescope Kit for Kids; Inspiration for Science and Technology
    Mission Statement The goal of our project is to create a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) telescope that provides an engaging and educational experience for kids. The telescope will come fully disassembled, empowering kids by giving them the opportunity to put it together and align it themselves. The telescope has been design with […]