Chemical Engineering (CHE)

Chemical engineering seniors are required to complete a laboratory intensive course for their capstone design project. Over the progression of one semester, student teams identify, design and build a solution to real-world problems that integrate principles from the chemical engineering curriculum. These industry and academically sponsored projects provide students valuable experience in project management, teamwork and individual accountability, as well as in research and development. Example projects include: minimizing wastewater, optimizing or troubleshooting manufacturing processes, purification of reagents, fabrication of a kidney tissue model, and process characterization such as distillation, fluid mixing, or fermentation. External sponsors are continually impressed by the high level of professionalism and rigor demonstrated by our CHE students as well as the depth of research and experimentation completed in relatively short time.

Contact Information:

Melodie Lawton,

Clair Cunningham,

Course Instructors: Melodie Lawton, Course PI; Mark Juba, Adjunct; F. Doug Kelley, Adjunct; Wayne Griffin, Adjunct; Clair Cunningham; Mason Garlatti

CHE Design Projects