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Minimizing Nickel Contamination of Cleaning Tanks at Orafol.

Team Members

Ryan Hayter
Mitchel Volis
Tina Wang
Eric Weidman


F. Doug Kelley, Chemical Engineering, UR. Rachel Monfredo, Chemical Engineering, UR.


ORAFOL Precision Technology Solutions. Rochester, NY.


This project is sponsored by the company Orafol, which specializes in producing reflective products via electroforming and is having problems with nickel solution contaminating cleaning tanks. The ultimate goal of the project is to eliminate or minimize the nickel removed from the electroforming tanks, as well as the resources allocated to replacing the contaminated cleaning lines. We developed an improved design by replacing polypropylene backing material with either coatings or composite material to the backside to prevent errant plating.

Rocker bath containing NaOH, Acetic Acid and nickel sulfamate in beakers.
Roc with team members in the corners.
Roc with team members in the corners.
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