Community Engagement

  • Action Trackchair Controller
    A new wireless controller for the Action Trackchair to allow for use by a caregiver of those unable to control the chair on their own.
  • Analyze Membership Trends at RMSC
    To spur museum membership growth, encourage donations from members, and increase overall museum revenue
  • Ball Machine for the Pittsford Community Library
    The Children’s section at the Pittsford Community Library has three main spaces for play. While the two-spaces, located on the main level, are well defined and engaging for children with interactive elements, the project was to create a new interactive display for the third space located on the upper level.
  • CamPak
    We are tasked by Rochester Rehab to create a device that increases the efficiency of packaging an underwater camera into a foil bag, primarily by reducing friction on the camera. By doing so, more cameras will be packaged per hour and the wage of the workers who are employed in the process will increase.
  • City of Rochester Crime & Convenience Stores
    The City of Rochester wants to understand if physical proximity to a convenience store or liquor store affects the likelihood of different types of part 1 crimes.
  • COVID-19 Survey Analysis to Understand the Community’s Socioeconomic Needs
    Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI) launched a new survey to better understand the impact of COVID- 19 on community member’s income and basic needs as well as what community members need to be safe and financially secure. The goal of the project was to analyze the survey and responses to inform United Way which kind of assistance needs to be provided, and what features of living necessities are more important for the respondents.
  • Emergency Vehicle Alert (E.V.A.)
    There is a need to ensure that drivers are alerted of approaching emergency vehicles so that they can remove themselves from the path of the emergency vehicle. It is especially a challenge for deaf, hard of hearing, and distracted drivers to identify emergency signals, which puts them at an increased risk for collision. In this project, we developed a device for use in the car that detects emergency vehicles and notifies the driver of their presence. We used a trained convolutional neural network to detect sirens in noisy environments. On our validation set, we achieved a 95% detection accuracy with a 50% criterion. A demonstration of our real-time detector and design schematic are shown below.
  • Eurypterid
    Hutchison Hall is home to the Biology department. However, there’s a lack of understanding regarding all research undertaken by the department. Hanging physical models can bring exposure to the department and create a vibrant and joyous community inside the Hutchison Hall. ​ The Eurypterid Team’s models are designed to represent the Jaekelopterus, a genus of the Eurypterid species. These models will be about 9 feet in length. The motorized tail and claws will be triggered through infrared motion sensors. ​
  • Exploring Reasons Behind the Preventable Accidents of RTS Drivers
    RTS is a regional transportation authority established by New York State and the goal of the project is to find the potential reasons for preventable accidents caused by bus operators. First, descriptive and exploratory analysis is performed on all the data provided and driver-related variables and environmental-related variables. Then, frequent pattern mining is applied and conditional probabilities are calculated for the accident history of operators with high risk of accidents to extract accident patterns.
  • Identify Mental Health Issues during COVID-19 using Twitter
    The project aim was: 1) Understand how the degree of mental health issues changed over time and space during COVID-19; 2) Find out what topics are people concerned about, and 3) Infer what group of people are more likely to have mental health issues.
  • Illuminating Mat for Visually Impaired Students
    Students at the Mary Cariola Center with visual impairments are attracted to light in rooms, often pulling their attention away from the teachers/lesson to look upwards at the ceiling lights. Lighted surfaces that provide contrast can help students focus on that surface and on any activity being performed on the lighted surface. The team was tasked with creating a mat suitable for children that illuminates in order to draw the student’s attention downward.
  • Improve Efficiency of Chilled Water Production
    The project supported the goal of UR Utilities and Energy Management deparment to improve the efficiency of chilled water production through predictive modeling
  • Improved Neck Brace
    A cervical orthotic for patients experiencing head drop due to neuromuscular diseases, such as ALS. The brace will focus on support, comfort, and controlled motion.
  • Interactive Bicycle Display for Rochester Museum and Science Center
    The Rochester Museum & Science Center asked for help designing an interactive exhibit to honor Georgena Terry. The team designed a stationary bicycle where the saddle and the handlebars move in the vertical and horizontal direction with motors. A system was designed in order to determine and display the power output from the rider. When on the bicycle, the rider can fluidly adjust the bike geometry and be able to see how changing each dimension affects the power they produce.
  • Kinetic Sculpture
    Art and Engineering are two separate disciplines that don’t collaborate and intersect as much as they should. There are many mediums that mix both disciplines to allow for a fuller artistic approach to engineering, but these mediums aren’t abundant on the River Campus. The Kinetic Sculpture capstone project aims to be the bridge between these departments through kinetic art. The following interactive art piece fuses the concepts of art and mechanics to provide students with a one-of-a-kind experience on campus.
  • Mary Cariola Classroom Aids
    The Mary Cariola Classroom Aids project focused on developing LED light panels to refocus the attention of visually impaired students. Our solution includes 4 individual panels, as well as a stand that can rotate to three different angles to help accommodate various students.
  • Medieval Chess Set
    The Rossell Hope Robbins Library is underutilized by many students on campus due to the lack of awareness of the library and its resources. To promote awareness for the library, this project contains designs for a “life-size” portable chess set with medieval themes.
  • Modeling of Lake St. Louis Water Levels
    The main objective is to identify the maximum water flow tolerance of the Moses-Saunders Dam in order not to exceed the permissible limits of Lake St. Louis.
  • Pittsford Community Library Ball Maze Machine
    The Pittsford Community Library Team was tasked to design and manufacture an interactive ball maze machine. Upon completion, the model will be moved and displayed within the children’s lofted play area of the Pittsford Community Library. The main goal of this project was to deliver a fully functioning ball maze display, decorated with laser cut wooden designs of landmarks across Rochester. Combining elements of STEM and history, the team hoped to create a fun and educational display that children, as well as all library visitors, can enjoy.
  • Public Perception on COVID-19 Vaccines
    The goal of the project was to explore public perception on COVID-19 vaccine by analyzing social media platform data (Twitter).
  • Pumpkin Launch
    Have you ever had a gourd and wanted it over there, but in a way that would inspire the masses? The Mechanical Engineering Department sure has, and has tasked our team with creating their submission to our ASME-hosted annual pumpkin launch.
  • Smart Water Filter and Dispenser
    A smart water dispenser system able to dispense drinking water to the user while keeping track of daily intake amounts.
  • Spica Chair
    A chair specifically designed to safely and comfortably sit infants and young children that are immobilized by a cast that spans from the mid abdomen to the ankle, all while allowing proper social and cognitive development. The chair incorporates extra space for the casted torso and legs, as well as multiple aspects of adjustability to fit the wide range of children sizes and to fit under tables of varying heights.
    The Virtual Optics Suitcase makes engaging optics demonstrations accessible, encouraging careers in STEM.
  • Sun-Tracking Solar Panel System
    Our project was to implement a system of light reflectors that autonomously track the sun’s position and focus the light on a solar panel to maximize the incident light intensity and hence more power capture. The system was to be significantly cheap compared to buying multiple solar panels and capture more than double the solar power than using an ordinary solar panel.
  • Surveying Altimeter for Water System Design
    The surveying altimeter is a cheap, portable, and easy-to-use method of determining the relative height differences between points of interest.
  • Ugandan Water Project – Save the Gaskets
    Test and identify novel gasket polymers to extend operation of Ugandan Water Project-installed India Mark II handpumps serving millions of people fresh, clean water.
  • Ugandan Water Project India Mark II Tailpiece Design
    Limit entry of abrasive sediment into India Mark II handpump for Ugandan Water Project.
  • Verifying Lake Ontario’s Water Level
    The Caldwell-Fay equation (2002) attempts to model what Lake Ontario’s current water level would be if dam construction had never taken place along the St. Lawrence Seaway (i.e. the natural hydraulic state of the lake). Newly unearthed Lake Ontario data going back to the 1860s has been discovered, and we had the rare opportunity to be the first to digitize and publicly analyze it. Since this data set predates any dam construction it actually captures the lake’s natural state. Therefore it can be used to verify Caldwell-Fey’s equation which is being used to govern the lake’s inflow and outflow rate on a daily basis.
  • Water Sterilizer Control System
    This system is a cheaper alternative option to chemical water treatment meant to sterilize drinking water with UV-C light by controlling water flow in order to achieve proper irradiation time.
  • Wearable Fitness Tracker
    Stay motivated to keep up with your fitness goals by taking care of a virtual pet!