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A render of the design for our device.

Team Members

Rose Cash
Matthew Rose
Nathan Ward


Dr. Richard Waugh
Catherine Kraweic (TA)


Rochester Rehabilitation

Our Project Video


We are tasked by Rochester Rehab to create a device that increases the efficiency of packaging an underwater camera into a foil bag, primarily by reducing friction on the camera. By doing so, more cameras will be packaged per hour and the wage of the workers who are employed in the process will increase.

A render of the design for our device.
A render of the design for our device


We would like to thank Drs. Lerner, Seidman, and Waugh for their guidance and assistance throughout the year, as well as our TA Catherine Kraweic for her suggestions and ideas. We would also like to think Art Salo for his help in fabrication/design, and Luis Reyes and the team at Rochester Rehab for the opportunity to work on this project.

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