Material Science

A Device For Identifying Microplastics
We are designing a device that will provide a cost-effective method for characterizing whether a particle in water is a plastic or nonplastic, as well as categorizing the subtype of …
Biochar Bricks for Building Materials
Create building materials for developing countries from waste plastic and biochar, and compare to concrete standard.
Hemp Composite Research & Design
Optimize creation of composites combining under-utilized hemp fabrics with epoxy.
Inkjet Printability Charact. of Polymeric and Glassy Small-Molecule OLED Hosts
Analysis of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) chemical solutions' inkjet printability through range of solution concentrations.
Investigating Materials for Simulating Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery
Identify Near Infrared transparent polymers to simulate human tissue for surgical training applications at UR Medical Center.
Kidney Model Polymer: Developing a stable model for surgical simulation
Development of polymers to simulate kidney tissues for surgical training of medical students at UR Medical Center.
Medieval Chess Set
The Rossell Hope Robbins Library is underutilized by many students on campus due to the lack of awareness of the library and its resources. To promote awareness for the library, …
Natural Gas Mixer Redesign
A renewed focus on environmental concerns means that fuel efficiency and emissions of engines are of significant importance. A current design for a mixing nozzle exists, but the fuel residence …
NFL Helmet Challenge
Helmets in the NFL are not effective enough to safeguard the health of the players. Players sustain concussions which can not only bench them, but leave life-long brain damage from …
Pure LUV
Identify inexpensive process for in-house purification of motion picture film dye for Kodak.
Rapid & Precise Temperature Control for Polymer Chemical Vapor Deposition
Controlled, rapid-cooling chamber for initiated chemical vapor deposition of thin film polymers.
Sauce Delivery Optimization
Characterize LiDestri Food and Drink portfolio of spaghetti sauces to optimize manufacturing process.
The Ten-μ HemoLock Clamp
Ten-μ solutions plans to introduce time and cost savings to the operating room (OR) through application-specific single-use instrumentation. Our instrument will allow surgeons to position and tension vessel loops at …
Ugandan Water Project – Save the Gaskets
Test and identify novel gasket polymers to extend operation of Ugandan Water Project-installed India Mark II handpumps serving millions of people fresh, clean water.