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Mid-Wave IR Read-Out Integrated Circuit


  • Andrew Every
  • Evelyn Ferwalt
  • Yufeng Yang


Professor Mottley and Professor Phinney


Wildfires burn 7 million acres of land in the US every year. We present a read-out integrated circuit (ROIC) designed to be used in a CubeSat constellation for early detection and monitoring of wildfires. The circuit integrates, amplifies, and samples the weak signals from an infrared photodiode array. The signals are then serialized by an analog multiplexer and amplified by an output amplifier so that they may be digitized and transmitted back to Earth. The design is intended to be fabricated on a typical 90nm CMOS process.

Layout of the full 256×256 array with selecting and multiplexing circuitry.
Closeup of a unit cell.
Schematic of a unit cell.
Closeup of a section of the multiplexer.
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