The Institute of Optics / Optical Engineering (OPT/OPE)

The Institute of Optics provides a two-semester sequence for students pursing either a degree in Optics or Optical Engineering. During the Fall semester students learn the processes to undertake both a research project or a product development project. They also review system design material relevant to either a basic science project or a technology development project. Potential customers and thesis advisors present potential projects to the students. Students then make a choice whether they will complete the Optics major by individually developing a senior thesis or complete an Optical Engineering major by working on project team. Optical Engineering students rank their choices of the available projects. Students interested in completed the Optics degree select a thesis advisor.

During the Spring semester the Optics students complete their thesis research under the supervision of their advisor while periodically updating the course instructor on their progress. The Optical Engineering teams meet with their customers, course instructor and faculty advisors throughout the semester as they complete product requirement and design documents perform design reviews and complete they projects. As required by their project and approach, they do detailed design, perform prototype tests, write code and refine their design with the goal of providing a detailed report and prototype (if required) to the customer at the end of the semester. Optical Engineering students typically are required to participate in Design Day. Participation of Optics students is highly encouraged.For the Spring of 2020participation in Design Day is optional due to the disruption of the spring 2020 semester by the Covid pandemic.

Contact Information:

2019-2020 school year:
Associate Professor Jim Zavislan

2020-2021 school year:
Professor Wayne Knox

OPT/OPE Design Projects

Hyperion: A 3D Visualization Platform for Optical Design of Folded Systems
Hyperion is a 3D visualization platform for optical design. It provides a fully immersive, and interactive 3D user experience. It enables the visualization of models of folded freeform optical systems. …