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Hyperion: A 3D Visualization Platform for Optical Design of Folded Systems

Team Members

Sifan Ye
Sydney Dlhopolsky
Andrea Cogliati PhD


Jannick P. Rolland, Zhen Bai, Yuhao Zhu, Daniel K. Nikolov




Hyperion is a 3D visualization platform for optical design. It provides a fully immersive, and interactive 3D user experience. It enables the visualization of models of folded freeform optical systems. The frontend user experience is supported by the computational ray-tracing engine of Eikonal+, an optical design research software. We have built a cross-platform light-weight version of Eikonal+ that can communicate with any user interface. We have also demonstrated a prototype of the 3D user experience using a Hololens AR display.

Mock up of two students using augmented reality to collaboratively design
Augmented reality lens design system
Augmented reality lens tilting interaction method
Bi-manual manipulation of optical surfaces
Render of a folded system

Using Tangible Manipulation to move the lenses

Tangible Manipulation is about using physical probs in order to manipulate virtual objects in augmented reality. Research has shown it has many benefits including making a system easier to learn and faster to manipulate. We are experimenting to see if using tangible manipulation will allow for more precise manipulations in the context of optical system design. Here is a video of using markers to manipulate the virtual lenses.

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