Process Engineering

Acorn Biochar: By-product Removal from Pyrolysis Gas
Enable self-sustaining biochar production by reclamation of process by-products.
Acorn Throughput: Providing Automation and Input Feed Control for CHIP
Automation of feedstock delivery for creation of biochar, a product of biomass pyrolysis, thermal decomposition in the absence of oxygen.
Biochar Bricks for Building Materials
Create building materials for developing countries from waste plastic and biochar, and compare to concrete standard.
We are tasked by Rochester Rehab to create a device that increases the efficiency of packaging an underwater camera into a foil bag, primarily by reducing friction on the camera. …
Hemp Composite Research & Design
Optimize creation of composites combining under-utilized hemp fabrics with epoxy.
Inkjet Printability Charact. of Polymeric and Glassy Small-Molecule OLED Hosts
Analysis of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) chemical solutions' inkjet printability through range of solution concentrations.
Medieval Chess Set
The Rossell Hope Robbins Library is underutilized by many students on campus due to the lack of awareness of the library and its resources. To promote awareness for the library, …
Minimizing Nickel Contamination of Cleaning Tanks at Orafol.
Minimize nickel contamination of cleaning tanks in Orafol Precision Technology's electroforming process.
Photochemical Test Chamber
Creation of atmospherically-controlled chamber for UV degradation testing of novel OLED materials for Molecular Glasses, Inc.
Pure LUV
Identify inexpensive process for in-house purification of motion picture film dye for Kodak.
Rapid & Precise Temperature Control for Polymer Chemical Vapor Deposition
Controlled, rapid-cooling chamber for initiated chemical vapor deposition of thin film polymers.
Realtime Audio Visualization
Using a rope of LEDs, connected to a Raspberry Pi with our software, we will read the audio signal from an HDMI cable and display colors on the LED strip …
Sauce Delivery Optimization
Characterize LiDestri Food and Drink portfolio of spaghetti sauces to optimize manufacturing process.
Ugandan Water Project India Mark II Tailpiece Design
Limit entry of abrasive sediment into India Mark II handpump for Ugandan Water Project.