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Photochemical Test Chamber

Creation of atmospherically-controlled chamber for UV degradation testing of novel OLED materials for Molecular Glasses, Inc.

Team Members

Matthew Toth
Mattias Hartveit
Maxwell Kearns
Kevin Huang


Mark Juba, Chemical Engineering, UR; F. Douglas Kelley, Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, UR; Rachel Monfredo, Chemical Engineering, UR; Clair Cunningham, Chemical Engineering, UR


David Weiss, Ph.D, Advanced Research Director, Molecular Glasses; Mark Juba, Chief Operating Officer, Molecular Glasses


The mission of Team Adrestia was to work together with Molecular Glasses to engineer an atmospherically controlled box in which the degradation of novel OLED materials could be conducted. This would be achieved by removing undesirable environmental elements from the atmosphere and focusing short wavelength UV radiation on the test materials at given controllable temperatures. The effect would then be examined using a fluorimeter to determine the sustainability of the OLED material.

CAD model of the photochemical test chamber.
CAD model of the photochemical test chamber.
CAD model video of the test chamber.

Construction of the photochemical test chamber.

Team name and logo.
Team name and logo.