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About Senior Design Day

Witness the Future of Technology

Every year, the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (HSEAS) hosts Senior Design Day, where seniors in the Hajim School departments and programs, as well as students in data science and the Medical Technology and Innovation masters degree program, showcase their capstone projects in person.

In addition to the in person event, HSEAS is proud to host this online site, which allows those unable to attend in person an opportunity to explore our students’ work.

The Project

Senior Design was created to provide students with an opportunity to plan and execute a design or research project. Proposed projects are open-ended, allowing students to exercise their creativity and make informed choices among different options. Students are assessed based on their approach and execution, not the project outcome per se, permitting them to work on difficult problems and search for innovative solutions.

Industry connections

Senior Design projects at the University of Rochester also provide companies with the opportunity to work with the next generation of engineers, scientists, and programmers. As part of these projects, our students create custom solutions to given problems while under the observation and guidance of a university faculty advisor. If you are interested in sponsoring a future project–there is no cost to do this–please visit our sponsor page for more details.

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