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Ugandan Water Project India Mark II Tailpiece Design

Limit entry of abrasive sediment into India Mark II handpump for Ugandan Water Project.

Team Members

Farouq Suleiman
Leo Orsini
Julian Travis
Beauclaire Junior Mbanya


Rachel Monfredo, Lecturer, Chemical Engineering


Ugandan Water Project



This project revolves around designing a piece that can be attached to the bottom of a hand pump that lies deep inside an underground well. The purpose of this designed piece is to limit the amount of sediment that enters with the water stream, as it causes damage to the pump, rendering it useless. The designed piece must be sturdy, reproducible, and cost-effective.

Ugandan community using the India Mark II hand pump
A Ugandan community using the India Mark II hand pump
the team with their sponsor from the Ugandan Water Project
The team with their sponsor, James Harrington, from the Ugandan Water Project.
Laboratory setup used by the team to simulate well conditions
A printable prototype developed by the team with, using centrifugal force for sediment removal
A second printable prototype developed by the team, which aims to induce turbulent flow to increase residence time of sediment