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Natural Gas Mixer Redesign

Team Members

Sabastian Abelezele
Logan Bashford
Frederico Hama
Samkeliso Ndlovu


Professor Muir, Professor Slane


G.W. Lisk


A renewed focus on environmental concerns means that fuel efficiency and emissions of engines are of significant importance. A current design for a mixing nozzle exists, but the fuel residence could be higher and the pressure drop could be lower. A longer fuel residence time ensures smooth distribution of fuel and a more efficient burn. A lower pressure drop means that less energy is lost by the motion of the fluid through the mixer.

G.W. Lisk existing nozzle with parameters used to run their simulations.
Concept designs sectioned to show geometry. High flow simulation results(CO2)
Simple nozzle with one inlet for fluid flow. Throttle air is the working fluid.
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