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Kinetic Sculpture

Dandelion Fire

Team Members:

Carlie Bendavid

Eileen Bequette

Marc Haddad

Michi Takagi


The art that the University displays around campus is usually two-dimensional and does not represent diverse technical fields, like mechanics and dynamics. Mechanical structures are not typically associated with art or any of its positive connotations. This kinetic sculpture aims to provide a positive interactive experience that would allow students to observe the beauty of mechanics. It will illustrate the relationship between engineering and art, encouraging and inspiring students to explore both disciplines.    


IdeationFebruary 1st
Computer-Aided Design February 21st
Material & Manufacturing PlanMarch 2nd
Frankenstein ModelMarch 12th
FabricationApril 7th
TestingMay 5th


Drawing Package

Computer-Aided Design

Photos and Videos

Presentation File

Kinetic Sculpture CAD Files


This capstone project was supported by multiple staff and faculty members at the Mechanical Engineering Department, as well as faculty from the Dance and Movement Department at the University of Rochester. The team would like to thank Professor Muir and Professor Wilcox for their continued technical and artistic support as direct sponsors and mentors for the project. The team would also like to thank Senior Technical Associates and Laboratory Engineers Mike Pomerantz, Christine Pratt, and Jim Alkins for their technical assistance with welding, machining, and ordering all the material needed. This project was also made possible through the help of the Teaching Assistants and Staff at the Department, so a special thank you to Devin Woodyard, Molly Over, Derick White, and Alexandra Ferrarese for their help with laser cutting, 3D modeling, and material orders. Finally, the team would also like to thank Mary Reiser from the International Theater Program for her help and guidance on spray painting the sculpture. 

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