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Hemp Composites

Hemp composites are a sustainable alternative to carbon fiber and fiberglass composites. Our team has developed a manufacturing process and testing procedure to characterize hemp composites.


  • Samantha Kapushy
  • Nicholas Donnell
  • Hailey Perraut
  • Jakob Singer 


Doug Kelley, Melodie Lawton, and Mark Juba


The purposes of this project were to 

  1. develop a manufacturing process for hemp composites, 
  2. characterize the manufactured composites via testing, 
  3. determine if the hemp composite is comparable to other common composites such as fiberglass and carbon fiber.

A Standard Operating Procedure was developed and made safer by performing HAZOP and FMEA analysis. The samples were cut with a laser cutter into desired shapes for testing, and a variety of tests were performed to characterize the material. From that characterization, it was determined that the hemp composites are a comparable alternative to both fiberglass and carbon fiber composites. This is an important finding because it supports hemp composites as a sustainable, inexpensive alternative to more widely used materials.