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Hearing Augmentation Device

Team Members

David Plotkin
Haikang Tan
Thomas Culeton
Jesca Chengula


“Michael Heilemann, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering UR”, “Sarah Smith, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering UR”, “Daniel Phinney, Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering UR”




Our group designed an audio headset with user-adjustable 360 beamforming, EQ, and gain control. The signal processing runs on Analog Devices’ EVAL-ADAU1452REVBZ using the Sigma Studio software. The headset uses ADMP401 MEMS microphones which are mounted on SparkFun’s MEMS Microphone Breakout boards – INMP401.

Analog Device's EVAL-ADAU1452REVBZ
3D printed piece(gray) with breakout board(red) clamp on the headphones(black)
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