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The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

Team Members

Liora London
Devin Woodyard
Jade Fung
Diwas Gautam
Nicholas Kwok
Xiaoyue Zhou
Spencer Ressel
Noah Anderson


Christopher Muir, Laura Slane




The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) is a competition that is part of the annual American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s (ASME) E-fest. This competition requires that teams from various universities design a vehicle for safe, reliable, and efficient human powered transportation. The teams come together and race their vehicles in an endurance race and a drag race, as well as present their design to the HPVC judges. While this year’s HPV team was unable to manufacture and compete their vehicle, they were able to design and test the vehicle shown below.

Side view of our CAD model made in NX with a human model in the vehicle
Top view of the vehicle
Isometric view of vehicle

Interactive 3D Model:

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