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art of science

Nature has always astounded those who study it scientifically, with the complex yet elegantly simple beauty of its designs. The image that one sees—whether looking through a microscope into a single cell or peering through a telescope at a vast galaxy—is sometimes as aesthetically pleasing as a Monet or a Rembrandt. The goal of the Art of Science Competition is to explore and illuminate the aesthetic beauty that results when science, art, and technology intersect.

Please consider submitting your digital images, illustrations and visualizations, and posters and infographics that incorporate an imaginative use of science, art, and technology. Submissions are due March 18, 2019. Cash prizes of $500, $300 and $100 will be awarded for the top three jury-selected visual designs, and $100 to the top people's selected visual design.

The link and details for submission will be available by November 20, 2018. Click here to see the 2018 winners.