Our Group's Ten Most Recent Theses

  1. Applications of Silicon-on-Insulator Photonic Crystal Structures in Miniature Spectrometer Designs
    Boshen Gao (2017). View PDF
  2. Novel Effects in Optical Coherence: Fundamentals and Applications
    Omar S. Magaña-Loaiza (2017). View PDF
  3. Quantum Information with Structured Light
    Mohammad Mirhosseini (2015). View PDF
  4. Communicating with Transverse Modes of Light
    Brandon Rodenburg (2015). View PDF
  5. Photonic Technologies to Enable Slow Light Applications
    Joe Vornehm Jr (2014). View PDF
  6. Nonlinear and Quantum Superresolution and Fast-Light Pulse-Distortion Management
    Heedeuk Shin (2011). View PDF
  7. “Superluminal” Pulse Propagation Dynamics
    George M. Gehring (2011). View PDF
  8. Fundamentals and Applications of Slow Light
    Zhimin Shi (2010). View PDF
  9. Coherence properties of the entangled two-photon field produced by parametric down-conversion
    Anand Kumar Jha (2009). View PDF
  10. Materials for Nonlinear Optics: Semicontinuous Gold Films and Fast Saturable Absorbers
    Giovanni Piredda (2008). View PDF