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Faculty and Staff

  N. George  

Nicholas George,
Wilson Professor of
Electronic Imaging

  Maria Schnitzler   Maria Schnitzler
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  Wade Cook   William Wade Cook
  Xi Chen   Xi Chen
  Wanli Chi   Wanli Chi
I am interested in the field of integrated computer and imaging systems. This includes physical optics, optical system design, and computers. My current research efforts involve increasing the depth of field of smart cameras.
  Damon Diehl   Damon Diehl
I received my B.A. in physics from the University of Chicago, where I worked on the KTeV project. My current research centers on the theory and fabrication of holographic interference filters in photopolymer films.
  Christopher Ditchman   Christopher Ditchman I received a B.A. in Physics from The College of Wooster. My interests include digital image processing, robot vision, and 3-D object scanning. My current research involves 3-D surface profiling using interferometric methods.
  Kedar Khare   Kedar Khare
I received the M.S. degree in Physics with the highest honors from the Indian Institute of Technology , Kharagpur, India. I am interested in problems relating to imaging under adverse conditions (e.g. low light level and imaging through turbulence). In addition, I have a considerable interest in theoretical problems concerning electromagnetic pulse propagation.
  Weizhen Yan   Weizhen Yan
I received my B.S. (1996) and M.S. (1999) degrees in Optical Engineering from Tsinghua University in China. My research interests include Fourier optics, image processing, optical design, holography, and automatic pattern recognition. My current research efforts involve light scattering and pattern recognition of pathogenic structures.



Hema Roychowdhury

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No undergraduates are currently with our group.

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    David Berfanger I am a research scientist for Hewlett-Packard Company in Vancouver, WA. My educational background is in optics; however, the majority of my research has centered around electronic imaging. My areas of interest are in image science, psychometrics, imaging systems analysis, image quality, image metrology, color science, machine vision, and pattern recognition.
  Don Schertler   Don Schertler Don now works at Rochester Photonics, Inc. in Rochester, NY.
  Beth Farley   Beth Farley I am currently an Optics major here at the University of Rochester. I am interested in many aspects of image science including electronic imaging and holography.
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