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Study Abroad

Hajim SAB Advisors

Who do I contact?

Contact the Center for Advising Services to schedule an appointment with Rohan Palma the Undergraduate Coordinator for Global Initiatives. Additionally, all of the advisors in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Deans' Office can assist Hajim School students who are thinking about studying abroad.

Authorized Signatures

The following faculty and staff members can help students from their departments plan a study abroad experience and still keep up with their course requirements at the University of Rochester. They can help identify overseas courses that can count toward your degree requirements here, and either provide or obtain written approval.

Biomedical Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Anne Luebke,, (585) 273-1635, MC 6-8547
Assoc. Prof. Scott Seidman,, (585) 273-2122, MC 6-8543

Chemical Engineering

Prof. Eldred Chimowitz,, (585) 275-8497, 203 Gavett Hall

Computer Science

Ted Pawlicki, Undergraduate Program Director,, (585) 275-4198, 722 Computer Studies Building

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gaurav Sharma (585) 275-7313, 417 Hopeman Hall
Barbara Dick, Undergraduate Program Administrator,, (585) 275-5719, 205 Hopeman Hall

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. John Lambropoulos, Department Chair,, (585) 275-4070, 236 Hopeman Hall

Institute of Optics

Prof. Thomas Brown,, (585) 275-7816, 516 Goergen Hall
Daniel Smith, Undergraduate Program Director,, (585) 275-7764, 106 Wilmot Hall

Talk about making the most of a study abroad experience: Lance Floto of Computer Science completed four classes at AIT Budapest to count towards his degree requirements, visited 18 different countries AND landed a summer internship in the historic city on the Danube.

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