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Gilman Scholarships

prize winning photo

Isthier Chaudhury, who graduated with a BS in chemical engineering and a BA in Chinese studies in 2011, was a Gilman Scholarship recipient who studied in China. Isthier won the Grand Prize in Rochester Review's third annual Study Abroad Photo Contest for this photo of a preschooler demonstrating his calligraphy skills during a weekend at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

For Isthier Chaudhury, who graduated with degrees in chemical engineering and Chinese studies in 2011, one of the big highlights when he returned from study abroad was the chance to meet Michelle Obama as a representative of the Gilman Scholarship Program, which helped fund his trip.

No, not every Gilman Scholarship recipient gets to meet the First Lady!

But Gilman recipients will receive $5,000 to apply toward the costs of study abroad. And here's the best part: Gilman Scholarships are specifically targeted for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in education abroad. And that includes students in engineering, technology, mathematics and science.

The $5,000 award can be applied to such study abroad costs as program fees, tuition, room and board, airfare, books and local transportation. In addition, students studying critical need languages are automatically considered for an additional $3,000 supplemental award, for a total possible award of $8,000.

To learn more about the program and its eligibility requirements, or to apply, click here. Click here to learn about other international scholarship and research opportunities.

Recent Hajim School students who have received Gilman Scholarships include:


Jonathan Kho (Scarsdale, NY), a junior majoring in electrical and computer engineering, to study in Sydney, Australia.


Rachel Bierasinski (Victor, NY), a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, to study in Berlin, Germany.
Allayna Dehond (Bergen, NY), a sophomore studying biomedical engineering, to study in Sydney, Australia.
Nicholas Van Swol (Everest, KS), a sophomore studying mechanical engineering, to study in Beijing, China.

Rachel Bierasinski -- seen here posing with the classic East Berlin Ampelmann, the "OK to cross" signal – received a Gilman scholarship to help her study abroad. Bierasinski is pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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